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Evaluating Consumer Health Digest – Should You Trust It?

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The internet made it simple to find any information you need, which can be both good and bad, especially for websites providing health-related information.

Your health is the most precious thing you have, which is why you need to do everything you can to preserve it. If you are looking for useful tips on ways to promote a healthy lifestyle, you need to make sure to visit only reliable websites.

What about Consumer Health Digest, is it reliable?

That is what we want to discover in this review, which is why we used the so-called ABC of evaluation.

The Authority of Consumer Health's Digest

In this case, authority indicates comprehensive knowledge on the subject, which means that we should discuss the qualification and education of the editorial staff of the website.

Now, anonymous authors often put a shade on authority, which is why Consumer Health Digest made sure to publish the names and photos of all the authors that contribute to the site. You can easily contact the editorial team by sending by using the contact form on the website.

Another indication of authority is that other reputable web pages use the reviewed site as a link. Verywell Health's article on autism is just one of the dozens of content pages that link to Consumer Health Digest.

Is the Information Accurate?

If the website wants to be credible, it needs to offer valuable and factual information. The authors shouldn't improvise and the claims should be scientific or factually supported. That is precisely what you will find on Consumer Health Digest as accurate information is one of their top priorities.

The contributors use scientific sources and information they find on the official product's website, medical journals, and other relevant publications. The facts they publish on their site can easily be verified elsewhere.

Aside from accuracy, the crucial thing to mention is that information is valuable and beneficiary to the readers. The articles and reviews are intended for the general public and the contributors find a way to properly address the targeted audience.

The goal is for the content to be a complementary tool that will be inspirational and educational in the readers' way to a healthy lifestyle.

If you think that the content published is inaccurate for whatever reason or you are related to the product, you can complete a form and provide relevant information yourself. However, keep in mind that the editorial staff double-checks the info you provided to ensure that they only publish facts.

Is Consumer Health Digest Biased?

In short, being biased means not being objective. Although commercial health-related websites often offer biased content, that is not the case with this site. Considering that Consumer Health Digest publishes supplement and other health product reviews, it is particularly important to remain objective. As far as we could see, there is no apparent like or dislike towards a particular supplement for whatever reason. Instead, the authors put in maximum effort to be objective and not express their personal opinions.

Everything stated in the articles is based on facts and arguments that had the goal of informing you about the particular pros and cons of a certain product. As it is mentioned in the Mission section, the website doesn't allow product manufacturers, suppliers, or even advertisers to affect the content published in Consumer Health Digest.

What about Topic Coverage?

When discussing a certain topic or reviewing a specific product, you need to be as thorough as possible. The contributor needs to cover all relevant areas and make sure not to leave out important information.

The material needs to be accurate, unique, and useful, and provide as much value to the reader as possible. This precisely describes what you will find on Consumer Health Digest, which is another thing that speaks in their favor.

Is the Information Current?

There is no point in reviewing a product that hasn't been on the market anymore or publishing outdated information from a study that is several decades old. Health-related websites should always make sure to remain current as the new findings and products are constantly appearing and changing the industry. To make sure to serve the users and provide value, Consumer Health Digest regularly publishes content on their website and even updates supplement reviews if necessary. They are keeping up with all the latest health-related events and share them with their visitors in helpful and engaging articles.

The best way to see the currency of a website is to visit it and check the dates of the last published articles. You will find that there is new content on the site every day, which can only be a plus. All links are also up to date and working.


We carefully analyzed several areas that play a deciding role in whether you should trust the website and Consumer Health Digest passed with the highest scores.

The website offers fresh, accurate, and valuable information to the visitors, and the authors publish new content on a regular basis.

That proves that they hold their users in high regard and they deserve your trust.