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Most Unique Cannabis Smoking Pipe Designs in the Market

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Hand pipes have a certain novelty attached to them as they are considered a very classical way of smoking marijuana. Along with providing a very subtle high, they are portable and easy to hide, which makes them a very popular choice among the smoker’s community. Smoking cannabis with a pipe is relatively easier as it requires fewer skills than rolling up a joint, and none of the herbs is wasted in the process.

Moreover, there is a wide range of smoking pipes you can choose from. You will find many unique pipe designs out there to buy for novelty purposes or to gift a fellow smoker. Here is a list of the most special pipe designs in the market.

Sherlock Pipe

The first in my list, Sherlock pipe, is a classical glass pipe that is modeled after the pipe smoked by the legendary Sherlock Holmes himself. Sherlock pipes have a large bowl with an arched stem leading to a mouthpiece that allows a clean and smooth hit. The arched stem cools down the smoke and lessens the harsh hits standard with regular smoking pipes.

If you want to feel like Sherlock Holmes while having a smoke, grab yourself a Sherlock pipe and solve some mysteries of the world.

Corn Cob Pipe

Made from genuine pieces of corn, nothing beats the smooth smoking experience of a classic corn cob pipe. The corn keeps the flame soaring and allows the user to get some very potent hits. Buy your corn cob pipe from Grasscity now and enjoy a unique blend of flavor to smooth the harsh taste of herbs.

Gandalf Pipe

For all you Lord of the Rings fans out there, a Gandalf pipe has an extra-long stem pipe modeled after the pipe Gandalf the Grey smoked. The stem glass of this pipe is very thin to replicate Gandalf’s pipe so you must have some wisdom to handle them with care, or else YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Santa Feo Pipe

This wooden geared pipe is a cannabis equivalent to a puzzle piece, and after solving it you enter a world of euphoria and fairies. The uniqueness of this pipe is that it has three different chambers, a hallmark of craftsmanship, where all you have to do is turn and burn.

Glow Spoons

Glow spoons are an aesthetic piece of wonder and light in the dark for smokers who have their nightly cravings. With shining LED light on the spoons, you can choose from a lot of colors ranging from neon blue to white, all giving off a peculiar sensation.

The glow factor of these pipes will entertain you and your friends while having a smoke and they are one of the best weed pipes currently available.


It is an “all you need in one pipe” kind of a thing. If you are one of those who forget where they have put their lighter, this one’s for you because let’s be honest †no one lets their smoking pipe out of their sight.

It has a built-in lighter and an area to insert cannabis. All you need to do is fill up the cannabis, hit the button, and you’re good to go.