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Importance of Transgender Therapy in Society

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Being born and raised as a transgender is like living in a hell in this society. What's even worse is that no one is ready to even listen to their feelings and engage with them in any daily-life activity. Transgender when comes to the consciousness, society has already rejected him and they experience homelessness, physical and sexual harassment at school and in social circle.

I feel ashamed to say even their parents and families do not provide support and leave them alone to fight in this ruthless world for their survival. If government or someone wants to do something for the upbringing of society then providing Transgender Therapy should be the first priority of all.

Transgender therapy in simpler words helps individual of this kind to decide upon which gender they opt to become and going through a process of cross-sex hormone therapy. Sex hormones and other hormonal medications are applied to transgender body and secondary sexual characteristics are aligned with their Gender Identity.

There are two types of Transgender Therapy

  1. Feminizing Hormone Therapy
  2. Masculinizing Hormone Therapy

Previously, a transgender had to wait for a certain period of time to undergo a Transgender Therapy and meanwhile do roleplay of a gender. But now, some therapists have disagreed with this and they advise not to wait as this can cause harm to minds and personality.

The problems for transgender exists are awareness and financial resources to meet the costs of a Transgender Therapy. Firstly, they are not aware about this whole process, and if they have an idea about this, they don't know where to go for consultation. I

I checked on random Transgender Therapists fees on Internet and it was about $50 for an hour session. The costs of going through the process and medications are separate. Now see can a transgender afford these Transgender therapies and is there sufficient moral and mental support for him?

The answer is no so we need to realize quickly the importance of transgender therapy and what value it can bring to the society.  We will feel proud of ourselves that no race of human beings is lacking behind and all are presented with equal opportunities.

Government and NGO's need to look into this matter and take quick actions as their living standard is quite low in the current scenario. Health centers should be formed for them where there is proper consultation and they can get their Transgender Therapy at minimum or no cost at all.

Also, people who disguise away from Transgender, there is a strong need to make them feel that they are also a part of this society. It is not their fault that they are gender nonconforming or transgender and you make them deprive of the social standing.

Most importantly apart from being human beings, they have feelings and heart still beats and cries whenever someone will ridicule them. So, recognize their social activity rights and offer them the best we can and engage with them in our normal lives.