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Power principles to get more out of your workouts

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If you want to get more benefit than average people from your workouts, you need to know about the power principles. These are the principles which separate average fitness joes from expert fitness operators or precision fitness operators. Let's find out more about these power principles so that you can get more benefit from the same workouts you are doing.

Experts sharpen their neural drive

You need to understand that your mind drives your movement. There are scientific evidences that will clearly help you to understand how your mind controls your movements. Scientific studies have found that your brain can regulate force production without you moving a muscle. Because of this reason mental imagery can help you to gain strength. This is the reason why lower body exercises can increase the strength of your upper body and stretching one limb can increase the flexibility of another limb.

It is very important for you to sharpen your neural drive because then only can expect to get more benefit from the same workout you are doing. If you can train your brain to send stronger, clearer signals to the muscles, your muscle will be engaged more by recruiting more muscle fibre. The muscle fibres in the muscles will work more quickly and efficiently.


If you can reprogram your nervous system, it can activate the right muscle fibres with more precision. This will help you to get better muscle contraction and relaxation balance and as a result of that you will have more strength and control.

Shore up your structural leaks

Unified movements will make your exercise safer, more efficient and more powerful. As an expert, to gain maximum from the workouts you're doing, you need to get your joints, breathing, muscle engagement and form unified before you start cranking out reps. It is like flipping the right switches on and off as you move through an exercise and that will help you to have a power rep. It will help you to avoid the structural leaks that you may have which forces you to train harder. Now, you don't have to train harder and you can get the same results with less time spent training because you have plugged the structural leaks.

Try technical excellence

If you can keep it together under extreme pressure, it will be the real measure of your fitness. While doing this, you need to understand that there is a thin red Line between your comfort zone and the danger zone. No pain, no gain may not be always true and it is a month of diminishing returns. The more you step outside your comfort zone, your body may work against you.

You do not have to work feel muscular failure because even though it can help you to gain some mass, it can also cause repetitive strain symptom, chronic soreness, tendon flare-ups, aches and pains. It is more important to try for technical excellence. It's necessary to train to technical failure and the training should reflect it. By exercising till technical failure, expert operators expand their comfort zone from the inside out. That helps in increasing strength and functional capacity of the muscles and that is why it's a very highly efficient method of training.

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