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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

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The birth of a child is a milestone in the life of every family. Unfortunately, not all women have the opportunity to give birth, but this is not all doom and gloom. Modern medical technologies allow any woman to become a mother of her own child with the help of a surrogate mother. A few decades ago, surrogacy in Ukraine was uncommon and required a lot of money, but now it has become more affordable. So, how much these services cost in Ukraine?

What Factors Influence the Price?

In Ukraine, there is no transparent pricing for surrogacy mother services, as this type of earnings is not yet regulated by law. The cheapest option is to find a woman who wants to become a surrogate mother without the involvement of intermediary agencies. These ladies do not always meet strict requirements, so biological parents are at risk of entrusting their future child to an unhealthy, mentally unbalanced or dishonest woman. In verified agencies, for example, ivf group, such cases are utterly out of the question, since all surrogate mothers have a successful childbearing experience and undergo thorough examinations, including interviews with a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Thus, future parents have nothing to worry about. These women treat pregnancy with care and attention, and they are sure to follow all doctors' recommendations. Yes, it will be more expensive, but with greatly lowered risks.

The surrogacy cost varies “ all depends on the service and reputation of a clinic or agency. At the moment, surrogate motherhood is expensive, although in Ukraine the prices for these services are significantly lower than in the United States and EU countries.

Paying to a Surrogacy Mother

Biological parents need to provide a surrogate mother with good living conditions, which consist of:

  • good nutrition. Approximately 250-500 dollars per month of pregnancy. The precise amount is stipulated in the contract;
  • clothes. Payouts start in the 4th month of pregnancy when the body shapes begin to change. They make about 500-900 dollars.
  • housing payment. If a surrogate mother arrives in your country, then the rent is also paid by the customers.

After delivery and when the biological parents get their child, the woman receives the remaining amount of money stipulated by the contract. On average, it varies from 8 to 20 thousand dollars. If the pregnancy is multiple, the amount will increase by several thousand dollars. The same is applicable when childbirth occurs by cesarean section.

Payment for Medical procedures, Pregnancy, and Childbirth

The pregnancy of a surrogate mother is a result of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Prior to it, there will be an examination of biological parents, female hormonal stimulation, and puncture. Most often, doctors offer a cryo-protocol “ freezing of several embryos for cases when pregnancy doesn't occur on the first try. If desired, the parents can ask for karyotyping of embryos. This allows ensuring that the future baby has no genetic abnormalities.

During pregnancy, biological parents pay for all medical procedures. These costs are specified in the contract. Even if an IVF attempt was unsuccessful, the surrogate mother still receives a certain monetary reward.

It is impossible to tell the exact cost of all services “ a lot depends on the agency, clinic, biological parents' state of health and luck. But all these efforts and expenses will be rewarded with the future smile of a child.