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Writing Essay About Restrictions During Pregnancy

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Writing Essay About Restrictions During Pregnancy

If you want to write on an always-popular topic about what a pregnant woman must not do, consider the following hints.

Write Essay About DO-NOTs During Pregnancy



A pregnant woman is full of worries, so she is definitely quite often searching on the web on what is recommended for her to do and what is prohibited and may bring harm to a little human being inside of her. Moreover, writing on such matters, it is necessary to feel the responsibility and not to advice something wrong, because someone's life may depend on your recommendations. To write essay for me about DO-NOTs during pregnancy, I consider it reasonable to use relevant and reliable sources on the Internet, as well as recommendations from a doctor. Here are a few do-nots that work for everyone, and I will explain the way to write about them.

NO Caffeine

This restriction may be catastrophic for the coffee-lovers, so it is necessary to explain why it is necessary to refuse a usual cup of morning coffee during pregnancy. Do not use too many scientific terms: they will not explain, but rather confuse a pregnant woman. Do not write it the way that one single cup of coffee will lead to a miscarriage: sometimes it is better to have it than to experience stress because of missing coffee. Finally, offer a good substitute: a decaffeinate coffee, with almost the same taste and without any harm to the child.

NO Hot Baths

Hot baths are also dangerous to future mothers, so they should better avoid this relaxation procedure. However, does this mean that a future mother should only take showers and forget about baths filled with foam after a working day? Especially, taking into account the fact that a pregnant woman gets tired more quickly and bath is a good way to calm down worries and nerves? If you are writing about this DO-NOT, make sure you say that a bath with a moderate temperature is completely okay. Even newborns take baths with a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. So, just reducing the temperature will be okay. However, even partial bath at a high temperature is dangerous, so do not even put your tired feet into hot water.

NO Lots of Oranges, Lemons, and Tangerines

You may see this warning in a lot of resources for future moms, BUT you should better clarify this point. Actually, a pregnant woman is allowed to eat those citrus fruits which are full of vitamins. Moreover, water with lemon is a good means to treat morning sickness. Pregnant women just tend to exaggerate, and when doctors say that citrus fruits are strong allergens and one should be careful with them, they hear do not eat them at all. Our advice is: do not eat a lot of citrus fruits, but a few will bring benefits to a future child.

NO Weightlifting

Training muscles is surely good, but far not all kind of workouts are safe for a pregnant woman. For example, weighting hard objects may be a reason for miscarriage, since ABS gets tense and presses a future child out. Whether a pregnant woman wants it or not, she will not get a flat tummy during the month of pregnancy, so it is strongly recommended for her to forget about ABS training.

These are the general restrictions that work for all women who expect a child. If you want to write an essay on this topic, you should better follow my example and not include something specific or ambiguous. All the specific recommendations should be given by a woman's personal doctor who is an expert and sees the particular situation considering all the specific factors.