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Online Counseling – For Busy Entrepreneurs

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Every day of our lives is filled with various conversations, interesting people, exciting jobs, procrastinating mandatory tasks, family drama, exotic flavors, music, argues, emotions, anxiety… Sometimes it feels like a day is too short, and sometimes as if it will never end. In an urban society that evolves and collapses from day to day, it is very easy for every one of us to become overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with too many things we buy, diet we take, people we constantly meet and our job that gets uninspiring from time to time.

Taking time for ourselves is important. Everybody needs their own time to get their piece of mind, reflect on their experiences and calmly start the next day. It is often a healthy practice to have someone to talk to, someone experienced to guide you through the chaos you got yourself into. Counseling is a great way to take the worries off your back, get great advises when you are stuck and clueless about where are you heading.

You are far from being the only one who needs a little push or a massive change in your professional career. You are certainly not alone in feeling down when having love struggles or a non fulfilling relationship with your friends or family. Nowadays, taking sessions with a counselor has become a necessary practice. Consulting with a counselor every once in awhile doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, it means that you are taking care of yourself and your mental health.


Many artists (and digital artists) have discovered a great way of channeling their everyday struggles through the process of creating, although when chasing a deadline this can turn what we love most into a necessary work that we are trying to procrastinate. It’s not the case that you stopped loving what you do, or this particular job is difficult or uninteresting; it is often about poor time management and psychological barriers to success and satisfying production. Whatever it is, it is something you can overcome easily, while putting yourself in safe hands and let somebody listen to you and figure you out.

Now, I know, most people would say that they are too busy to dedicate time to a process of counseling, they have trust issues, and they can’t clear their schedule for this kind of an activity. And it is true that you are busy, and nobody in the history of mankind wasn’t as busy as people today, which is exactly why we need to take more responsibility for ourselves, our bodies and our mind.

For those who have tough schedules, BetterHelp has a solution. They are open for all types of online counseling (email, sms, voice/video call), where you are able to book the terms according to your timetable. They match you with the type of counselor according to your preferences and your needs, trying to optimize your experience and do everything to get you going better and stronger. You don’t need to drive up to your counseling session after work anymore; you can do it from home or from your office.

You can also choose this type of counseling if you are traveling often, particularly if you are a freelancer / digital nomad. If this is the case with you, online counseling with BetterHelp is basically your accessory, something that is on your to-bring list for when you are packing. Take care of yourself wherever and whenever you are, with BetterHelp.