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Color therapy

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Color therapy is a type of therapy practices which is based on the use of color and light to affect and change someones mood and psychical condition. Some colors are directly related to a certain feeling, and in the right frequencies and intensity they can evoke different emotions, which is how they are involved with our mental health.

Chromotherapy is also known to help people with brain disorders. For example, blue colors have calming effect, while color red is inspiring to action, elevated blood pressure, and sometimes even panic. Green is known as the color which calms emotionally unstable people and brings them back to balance.

Alternative medicine believes that colors are related to people’s auras, and understanding the color of someones aura can help the healing process. However, the color therapy practices generally use treatments which include the use of color in interior design (which colors the walls in the rooms of your home should be); utilizing the colors present in nature to the patient’s surroundings; and using crystals to break up the sunlight in the room where therapy takes place.

Another great example of the color used in therapy is purple. Purple color presents a great harmony between red and blue, between action and calm, excitement and balance. This is why purple is the color to inspire your creativity, challenge your brain and gets you into thinking about innovation. Light purple also helps you when you need a piece of mind and focus, which is why it is perfect for your working environment.

Colors yellow and orange are known to awake your appetite, so surrounding with these colors helps the person with depression or anxiety which is manifested through lack of desire for food.

Color therapy is an unconventional therapy practice which relies on our knowledge of color theory and user experiences. To cherish people’s mental health, therapists sometimes have to think outside of the box and try different methodology for different patients. Knowing that we are not all the same is the basic of good therapy.

These days almost everybody has a designated therapist. We live in the era when the society has acknowledged the need for taking care of mental health as much as the health of the body, if not more. There are therapists who are using standard methodology, psychoanalysis, behavioral therapy and other widely practiced methods. Although, sometimes, taking a different approach is what is needed with some patients.

Color therapy, music therapy or art therapy could show better progress with many people, while they are not exhausting and they are beautiful to apply when we think about them. BetterHelp has a unique offer for online therapy where you can choose from a wide list of licensed therapist which is the one you would like to work with the most. This is a great opportunity if you are looking for a different approach and the type of therapy that will be about your self-development and journey to the center of your mind. Their therapists have wide experience from anxiety issues to domestic violence, and they are available anytime for your better mental health.