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How Eating Keto Friendly Can Help Your Gut

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While you may already be aware that a keto friendly diet will reduce weight and increase your overall wellbeing through using your body's stored fat for energy, you may not have realised that it is also good for your gut. Although proponents of the keto diet recommend it for fat burning, its gut friendliness comes almost by default as a bonus side effect of this increasingly popular eating regime where everything from low carb foods to keto coffee is an option.

Considering the keto approach

If you are considering helping your body by helping yourself through diet and nutrition, you could do a lot worse than embracing the keto option. The great news is that thousands if not millions of people worldwide can readily testify to its effectiveness. If you have gut issues such as IBS, excess acid reflux, or you just don't feel right shortly after eating your meals, the keto approach could be exactly what you have been looking for.  

But isn't keto just another fad?

If you are unfamiliar with the keto diet there is a good chance that you may already be wondering whether or not it is just another one of those new trendy diets promoted by some celebrity or other. Perhaps you have tried numerous dietary approaches already that didn't work for you and you are concerned that the keto plan is just another fad. Well, if you have gotten this far, you should read on because it really does work!

So how does the keto diet work?


Before we cut to the chase about keto diets and gut health, it is worth gaining a basic understanding (if you don't have it already) of why the keto diet works so well. Firstly, it takes its name from the term ketones. These are the by-products that the body (mainly the liver) produces as it burns off fat to use as energy for physical activity and brain function. This is a process that occurs when you reduce your nutritional intake of carbohydrates (carbs).

It's all in the water

These ketons pass out of the body and they can be effectively measured in your urine using special litmus type testing strips. When the ketons are measured in this way, your body is considered to be in ketosis and the fat burning process is working. While the deep (and well documented) science is obviously a little more involved than that, the fact is that keto diets work because the science works.

So how can all this help with your gut?

One of the key facts that have been identified with issues in the gut is the balance of its natural macrobiotics.

These deal with how your nutrition is processed and many if not all of the common gut issues are related to imbalances in this area. Because the keto diet utilises low carbs and high protein, it incidentally involves the consumption of more natural fibre. The bottom line is that your macrobiotics falls into two distinct categories that can be viewed as good and bad. Keto promotes and enhances the good while starving out the bad.