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8 Common Car Crash-Related Personal Injuries

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Most personal injury cases in the United States are related to car accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites, libel, slander, or assault. Battery or negligence with car accidents have the most number of cases because there are many irresponsible drivers on the road causing crashes which result in personal injury, financial losses and fatality. Across the United States, car crashes are the leading cause of death among young drivers aged 16 to 19 years old. Here are some of the common personal injuries sustained from a traffic crash.


Brain and head injuries


Traumatic brain injury or TBI results from a blow to the head or an object piercing or hitting the brain violently. The injury can range from mild, moderate or serious depending on the severity of the damage to the brain and other affected areas. Victims could experience a concussion which generally heals naturally after resting for several weeks, whereas in worse cases it could affect speech, concentration, memory, emotional control and vision. Other related head injuries include the eyes, which in some cases lead to a victim's blindness or partial vision loss; loss of hearing when the ears are damaged; fractures to the face and jaw including dental injuries and loss of teeth.


Neck injuries


Whiplash is probably the most common neck injury sustained by car crash victims. The sudden impact of a crash causes the neck to snap, resulting in extreme pressure to the neck ligaments causing strain or sprain in the affected area. Although many neck injury cases are resolved over time through therapy and treatment, severe cases may lead to more serious conditions such as disc herniation, cervical dislocation which could entail more physical therapy, and in some situations even require surgeries.


Spine and back injuries


Severe whiplash can actually damage the spinal cord, vertebrae, discs, and ligaments in the neck and back. Injury to the spine could cause paralysis which could gravely affect the quality of life of the individual. Less severe injuries to the neck and back can result in chronic pain and limited mobility.


Broken bones


Depending on the level of impact, broken bones are a very common injury seen in traffic crash victims. Based on the severity of the case, treatment may involve mending bones with a cast or surgery.

Any person involved in a car crash can file for a personal injury claim from an insurance company. However, this is usually limited to individuals who have suffered minor injuries and have the time and patience to look into the legal process themselves ” especially if they want to save on spending legal fees. For more serious cases, it is prudent to engage an expert like Personal Injury Lawyer NJ | SK Law and let them deal with the auto insurance companies and their legal representatives so you can focus on your health and recovery. Filing a medical malpractice complaint, for example, can prove to be a very daunting task if you do it yourself; it is best to leave it to the best lawyers. As legal experts, they specialize in personal injury laws, procedures and rules hence they have the knowledge and experience to represent you throughout the case.