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How to Find the Best Medical Negligence Solicitors

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If you think a medical professional that has been treating you has made a mistake which has made you worse or created an injury or condition you did not previously have, you may be wondering if you are entitled to make a medical negligence claim. These types of claims are among the most complex of all compensation claims in the UK and should not be entered into lightly. You need to speak with legal professionals to find out what they think your chance of success is, but how do you find the best medical negligence solicitors to help you?

Start with the Internet

You could spend hours looking through magazines and newspapers for adverts without success. You could ask friends and relatives for recommendations. The problem with that is what was suitable for Aunty Mabel 20 years ago will probably not be right for your case now. The laws in the UK change all the time, and even a more recent recommendation may not be right for you.

One of the easiest ways of finding the help you need is by typing something like medical negligence UK, or medical negligence claims UK into your search engine. The only problem you'll have here is if you put it into Google, for instance, it returns 1.6 million results. It is said that most people only look at the first few pages of results, so on that basis, you can disregard quite a few of them. Firstly, look for ones that have been rated on independent review sites such as Feefo. The Medical Negligence Experts for example, have an amazing rating from previous clients on Feefo with 97 percent of them being happy with the service they received. Often, firms have testimonials on their own site as well, and those are worth reading too, although you should keep in mind that their site is likely to be biased.

Only looking closer at well-rated sites, and disregarding the ones that do not show a rating (that is usually because it is low) will decrease the number you have left to consider.

The Confidence of No Win No Fee Solicitors

No win no fee means exactly what it says. If the medical negligence lawyers you have chosen do not offer this financial agreement for your medical malpractice claim, you have to ask yourself how confident they are of winning.

No one can afford to work for nothing, and you should have more confidence in no win no fee medical negligence solicitors. They must be comfortable with their abilities to win your medical negligence claim, or they would not be working on this basis. There is a train of thought that no win no fee solicitors will work more diligently on your case because they have families to feed and mortgages to pay just like the rest of us, and they need your fees.

So now we have eliminated low rated sites and solicitors that want you to pay by the hour, the number left to consider is reducing all the time.

Experience in Medical Negligence

Among the results you have left, you will find that some law firms deal focus on personal injury claims. If you want the best medical negligence solicitors on your case, you do not want to work with those who deal with road traffic accidents and workplace accidents as well. You want lawyers by your side that specialise in medical negligence, and only that. That way you will know they have the experience and expertise you need, to give your claim its best chance of success.

They will be up against solicitors from huge organisations such as insurance companies, private medical companies and the NHS. Solicitors are employed by these institutions to deal with any claims, and they will be doing their best to pay you as little as they can, that is their job after all. With experts on your side of the claim, you can rest assured that your claim will be dealt with fairly, and that you will be compensated for your pain and suffering as well as for any costs and losses your situation has created. It is surprising just how much extra prescription charges and travel costs to and from medical appointments can mount up, and you should be repaid for those, and anything else you have had to pay for because of someone else's mistake.

Found Them

By now you will have very few sites left to consider, but there is no doubt at all that one of them will be The Medical Negligence Experts. Their friendly advisors are there to answer your questions, and to give you all the information you need. Without committing yourself to anything, you will be able to make an informed decision about making a claim, and will know if it is the right way forward for you.