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How to firm up your body faster

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It is possible to firm up your body faster if you know how to do that. There are different ways to do it faster. Let’s find out if you of them which will help you to tone your body from head to toe.

Burn more fat

By burning more fat it will help you to firm up your body faster. Instead of working for a long duration, you can always do speed bursts. When you do that because of the short pops of energy your body will burn fat while you work out and even after your workout. You need short periods of high intensity activities like sprints, cycling etc. which will help you to increase your ability to use oxygen. When you can use more oxygen, it will help you to burn more fat and such improved fat burning may go up to 30%. After you perform a high-intensity workout, your metabolism stays revved longer in comparison to other exercises. It is also beneficial for you in the long run.

To burn the fat present in your arms, hips and thighs, you need to lift heavy weights that you can lift only for 3 to 5 reps. When you lift heavy weights, it will activate hard to tone fast twitch muscle fibers. These fibers will help you to regain your strength and shape.

Tighten your abs

The core muscles play a very important role in forming up your body. Crunches will not help you to get the defined midsection because your abs are made of endurance-based muscle fibers. That is why you need to perform so many crunches to fatigue and tone them. If you want farm, flat abs, you will need to add rotation or twisting of your abs and obliques. Your core muscles are important in holding you upright and stabilize your torso and so when you rotate them, they start acting. After completing them, you can do some crunches as it will be easier to fatigue your abs easily after the rotations. You can also add twists to your lunges and squats.

Skip the rest days

When your body aches because of exercise, what do you do? Do you take some time off or do you completely drop out? If you take a closer look, even a light workout can actually help you to reduce the soreness and speed up the recovery of your body. So, during the rest days, instead of avoiding the gym, you can always perform a light exercise including a simple walk outdoor. Light exercises can increase flow of blood in your body which will help you by delivering the healing nutrients to your sore muscles and by eliminating the metabolic waste. Also any type of exercise every day means you are very much consistent about the workouts and that is something which doesn’t come so easily. You can always perform simple exercises, simple stretching, walking, jogging or anything else that you like.

Stretching may not be necessary

Sometimes, skipping stretching might help you. Studies found that when a stretch before an activity, it can damage muscle tissue and that can reduce muscle strength and thereby impact your performance during workout. Instead of that, you can start each workout by moving your body through a full range of motion. It is important to lubricate your ankles, knees, hips and shoulders and that can be done by using the full range of motion. Instead of stretching before you start your walking, you can perform a few moves 6 to 10 times. These moves include heel race, four way leg lifts, swivel, shoulder swing etc.


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