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Tips on How to Assess if it is a Fake Doctor’s Notes

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Every employee deserves a leave so they can take some time off work and relax their minds and bodies. Well in some companies, having a sick leave is quite hard depending on the amount of work at your desk and in some cases, some employers find it a waste of time giving free days to employees This has led to some employees, faking disease so they can get leave.



As we all know you have to provide, a doctor’s note explaining why you need to have the leave and also how many days you need to rest as well. Finding out if the doctor’s note provided real or not for the employer can be a bit tricky if they are not cautious but, the following tips can help you access if the record is actual or not.

Focus on the Ailment Indicated

The doctor has to run some test on the patient to determine the kind of disease he or she has. Also, the doctor is required to indicate the symptoms that the patient has the kind of medication to take and also what the patient should do if the medicine does not work within the final date. Therefore, make sure to check all these details and focus on the type of ailment indicated on the note. Research about the disease and the symptoms to see if the ones written on the doctor’s note are the same with the ones you find out from your research. If they differ, then it is a clear indication your employee is faking a disease to get some time off work.

The Contacts

A doctor’s note should have telephone numbers so that the patient can call him or her if any issue arises. So make sure the letter presented to you has all the landline numbers together with a personal phone number of the doctor if he runs the clinic. It is also essential to call the numbers indicated on the list to verify if that particular hospital exist or it is a fake one. If you are not contented with this information, check out some websites that provide all the details regarding the fake doctors notes online to see if the note presented to you resembles the ones that are provided by these websites.

Check for a Seal

There is a massive difference between a printed fake doctors note and an original one. A doctor can never issue a patient who met them face to face with a printed letter. They usually write all the prescription and other information about the ailment and then put a fresh stamp on the note. So if you are presented with a printed record, be cautious and check the seal to see if it is genuine or not.

The Hospital’s Details


The sick not should have all the addresses that one can use to reach the doctor. This includes the postal address and also the location. So, check for these details before you approve the note.


If you are suspicious of one of your employee faking sickness, use the above tricks to help to figure out if the doctors note that the employee presented to you is real or not.