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What causes your back pain?

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Back pain is a common problem in the lives of many people. It makes you lose classes, work and other important events of you and your closed ones' lives. What do you do when it happens to you? Do you go to the doctor immediately or wait it out in misery? Let's find out why you have back pain.

There may be different causes of back pain.

It may start suddenly and can last less than six weeks. It may happen because of a fall or had a lifting. Generally back pain lasting more than three months is less common. Back pain may deadlock without a specific cause. However, the following conditions are most commonly linked to back pain.

Muscle or ligament strain

If you are lifting something heavy repeatedly lifted it suddenly, you may immediately develop back pain. Awkward moments may sometimes strain your back muscles and spinal ligaments. It is more common in case of people with poor physical health. If there is constant strain on your back, it may result in painful muscle spasms.


If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, it can affect your lower back. However, it does not happen to everyone. In some cases, arthritis may result in narrowing of the space around the spinal cord, which is known as spinal stenosis. In such a situation, you may suffer from back pain.

Bulging or ruptured discs

Discs are very important because they work as questions between the bones in the spine, which are called as vertebrae. There is a soft material present inside it this and sometimes due to different reasons this material may barge or rupture and then go press on the nerve present nearby. However, sometimes you may have a bulging or ruptured discs without having any type of back pain. Problem with the discs often found during spine x-rays which is done for some other reasons. If you are having back pain, your doctor may prescribe spinal x-rays to find out if you have any bulging or ruptured discs.

Skeletal irregularities

Some people suffer from back pain because of skeletal irregularities. If because of any reason your spine curves abnormally, then you may suffer from back pain. Such a condition is known as scoliosis and in that condition, the spine may curve to the side. If scoliosis is severe, may result in back pain.


The vertebrae of your spine can develop compression fractures. That happens if your bones become porous and brittle. When that happens, you may suffer from back pain.

Risk factors

Back pain may be seen in anyone's case and it is even seen in children and teens. If you know about the risk factors which increase the risk of possible back pain, it'll be easier for you to stay away from such possibilities.

Some of the risk factors which increases the risk of back pain in your case are-

Age-as you grow older, back pain becomes more common. It may start around age 30 or 40.

Lack of exercise-if you do not exercise regularly and as a result of that have week, unused muscles in your back, you are more likely to suffer from back pain.

Excess weight-people who are overweight and obese are more likely to have back pain because the extra weight puts extra stress on the back.

Diseases-some types of arthritis and cancer can cause back pain.

Improper lifting-if you are using your back instead of your legs to lift something, you may suffer from back pain.

Smoking-smoking can resist delivery of enough nutrients to the disks in your back and in that case you are more likely to suffer from back pain.

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