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How ketosis can help you to lose weight

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If you're trying to lose weight, ketosis can help you to achieve that. Let's find out more about how ketosis can help you to lose the extra weight.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a state where your body has an extremely high fat burning rate. In this state, your body is encouraged to produce more ketones. For that to happen, the insulin in your bloodstream should be low. When you lower the levels of insulin in your blood, it will increase your ketone production.

How ketosis can help you?

Ketosis is helpful to you because it can help you to suppress appetite and thereby reduce your weight and fat. Ketosis is capable of suppressing appetite in more than one way. When you start eating more fat and reduce the amount of carbohydrates, you will not have blood sugar swings any more. Because of blood sugar fluctuations, people often feel very hungry and as a result of that they tend to eat more carbohydrate heavy meal each and every time. Even after eating so much, they do not feel satisfied. They also are not able to reach the deep fat burning state of ketosis.

By suppressing your appetite ketones, which are produced in ketosis, can reduce the amount of food you are consuming. That alone will help you to stop adding more calories to your body and to lose fat and weight. Ketones are capable of controlling hunger and satiety hormones.

Ketones and CCK

Cholecystokinin (CCK) is the hormone which makes you feel full. Your intestine releases CCK after you eat something and it is a very strong regulator of food consumption. If you can manage CCK, you can reduce your meals drastically. After you lose weight, your body will secret less CCK and as a result of that you will feel less satisfied with the same amount of food which made you satisfied before you lost weight. So, you tend to crave and eat more unhealthy foods. However, that does not happen when you lose weight with ketosis because this process does not happen when you lose weight with the help of ketosis. When you lose weight with ketosis, the CCK levels in your body will return to baseline levels within a week. That is the benefit of ketosis.

Ketosis and ghrelin

Ghrelin is the hormone known as the hunger hormone because it increases your appetite. This hormone is released from your stomach and intestine. When you go for fasting, the levels of ghrelin reaches the highest point. When you eat something, this hormone goes down when the nutrients start circulating in your blood. If the levels of ghrelin increases in your body, you will eat more food. This happens when you lose weight in any other method. However, when you lose weight with ketosis, the levels of ghrelin will not go up and that means you are not going to crave and eat more food even after losing weight. Ketosis will suppress the increase in levels of ghrelin. So, instead of wanting to eat more after you lose weight, you will start to eat less when you lose weight with ketosis.

Because of all the benefits ketosis has to offer, this is a better method of losing weight without the possibility of regaining that within a short time.


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