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Vaping is a Matter of Taste: 3 Reasons People are Switching to Vaping over Smoking

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Ever since e-cigarettes were invented, vaping has become a choice way for smokers to get their fix without the traditional use of tobacco. However, compared to smokers, vapers are few and far between. So, how many people actually vape around the world?


Because vaping is relatively new, the laws on the use of e-cigarettes change rapidly. Governments are still trying to figure out who can vape, when vaping can take place, where vaping can be done, where e-cigarettes can be sold, and, most importantly to them, how to tax e-cigarettes.


According to the latest numbers by the CDC, about 9 million people in the United States are vape users. Euromonitor International reports that about 43% of the world’s total vape users are in America. So, we can estimate that there are about 22 million vape users around the world. What has spawned this dramatic growth?


Money, Money, Money


Regular smoking can be expensive, especially for people who smoke a pack, two packs, or half a pack a day. E-smoking radically changes this outlay since one e-cigarette can theoretically last a lifetime, although most users will want to get a new e-cig every few months or so. Multiple vaping devices are available and users have the option to select one that fits their budget and style. E-cigarettes, of course, are more expensive at the outset. But a high upfront cost gives way to a lifetime of savings.


People Want to Stop Smoking


It may seem strange, but people are turning to vaping because they hope it will help them quit smoking tobacco. Everyone knows smoking is bad. Cigarette companies themselves place warnings on their own products: If you buy this and use this, you could get lung cancer. Even smokers know they are putting their health at risk every time they light up. With e-cigarettes, vapers can control and gradually reduce their intake and dependence on nicotine. Stopping cold turkey doesn’t work for most people. A gradual reduction in the smoking habit, while replacing the activity with e-cigarettes, is a strong draw for people who want to preserve their health.


No More Smoking Smell


People who don’t smoke and who didn’t grow up around smokers generally abhor the smell of burnt tobacco leaves. But smokers can’t seem to get rid of it. It’s in their clothes, it’s in their cars, it’s in their homes, it’s in their hair. The conscientious smoker will feel obligated to reduce the odor of smoking when in the workplace or with family members who don’t smoke. It’s the polite thing to do, and vaping allows them to do that. Vaping doesn’t leave behind the foul smell of tobacco or cling to your clothes and hair. On top of that, with companies like Vaporescence, vaping liquids come in different and pleasant flavors, enabling users to keep their breath fresh so as not to be offensive to others.


These are just some of the reasons why literally millions of smokers (and non-smokers) are turning to vaping.