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Health benefits of starving

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Starving or fasting offers several health benefits. It has been used in different societies for different types of health benefits. It is mostly used for improving metabolism and correcting metabolic problems. Let's find out what health benefits starving can offer you.

Better body composition and fitness

Starving can help you by improving your body composition and fitness. It has direct impact on your body's fat tissues. Fasting can directly impact your overall weight loss and can help you to lose weight. Fasting can also help you to improve your exercise results and fitness. Starving will improve the action of your hormones and improve fat metabolism in the body, thereby provide you with a better body composition and overall health.

Metabolism boost

Starving will help you by boosting your metabolism. The satiety hormone leptin will increase thyroid hormone production when you starve. It will improve leptin sensitivity and as a result of that the rate of your metabolism will increase. If you have been suffering from a poor metabolism because of a sluggish thyroid, starving will help you to get out of that and thereby improve your metabolism.

Fat loss and ketosis

Starving will help you to lose more fat from the body. Ketosis is known as the fat burning state, which you can reach by starving. Ketosis will help you by burning your fat reserves. Excessive fat is stored around different organs in your body such as liver and kidneys and when that happens the fat can interfere with proper organ functions. By starving, you are letting your body used those excess fat present around different organs and thereby reducing the future risk of organ problems and failure. Starving will help you to reach ketosis faster and will also improve your fat metabolism.

Better insulin sensitivity

When you choose starving, it will help you by improving your insulin sensitivity. When you fast, your body will secret less insulin as it is not getting a steady dose of sugar. When the level of hormone reduces, it will increase sensitivity in people who have insulin resistance problem. If you have excessive fat in your body, blood and diet, it can result in insulin resistance and that will prevent insulin from doing its job. With starving you can increase insulin sensitivity and help insulin to do what it is supposed to do.

More satiety

Your body produces several different hormones and one of those hormones is leptin, which will decide how full you feel. When you starve, you tend to lose weight and both of them will reduce your hunger levels and post meal satisfaction with the help of this hormone. When you starve, the levels of leptin in your body will reduce initially, but as you lose more weight, you will be benefited by reduced leptin resistance. You will become more responsive to leptin and as a result of that you will feel full easily.

Reduced blood sugar

Starving will reduce your blood sugar levels. Blood sugar can drop over 30% within a few days of fasting. Initially drop in the blood sugar may make people feel low-energy but after a few days it will stabilise and you will be back to normal.

Better cardiovascular health

Starving will also improve your cardiovascular health. It is one of the main benefits of starving. When you fast, it will improve your cardiovascular function, blood composition and blood pressure. It is especially beneficial for people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol. Starving will reduce or eliminate some of the health concerns those people have.


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