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Better Diagnostic Skills – Lovett Dr. Edward Picardi

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Whether we like it or not, even though a person is innocent of all charges, the perception of the public is quickly altered when someone suffers jail time. It gives you lesser job opportunities as well as a few good references.

However, it was the complete opposite for celebrated surgeon Dr. Ed Picardi of South Dakota who received numerous critical-acclaims after fighting for the right of everyone that resulted in him being detained last 2013.

It can be brought up that the former military personnel was wrongfully charged with multiple counts of felony after speaking against the US healthcare reform programs Hillarycare and Obamacare.

But the conviction did little to none to tarnish his reputation as Dr. Picardi continued to prove everyone wrong with his truthful and honest services.

A testament to that was the immediate call he received from Africa that urgently asked him to do volunteer work in regions of rising cases of Ebola infection within the continent.

Mr. Franklin Graham of the World Medical Mission group known as A Ministry of Samaritan's Purse praised the work done by Dr. Picardi citing that the latter provided a massive contribution to their on-going work of world evangelization through missionary medicine.

Mr. Graham added that he is looking forward in working with Dr. Picardi in the near future and the future might come sooner as the latter will be back in Liberia this May and at Togo, Africa this June to help continue what he started.

Prior to his medical missions in Africa, Dr. Picardi has previously traveled in Vietnam and Cambodia providing each nation’s high-quality medical care.

Aside from Mr. Graham, the recognized surgeon Dr. Picardi also received some rave reviews from Dr. Rodney Lovett who was essential in the reinstatement of the latter’s surgeon board certification.

Dr. Picardi developed good relationships with all at the hospital. He did not raise his voice at any time or at any time appeared to be perturbed even with the difficulties of working cross-culturally in what sometimes was a challenging surgical environment. His diagnostic skills were better than mine! And his post-op care was meticulous. His skills in communication and cooperating in team efforts were admirable. I would not hesitate to have Dr. Picardi operate on me or a member of my family, Dr. Lovett said.

While those praises brought a smile to his face, Dr. Picardi still believes that the thing that gives him an ultimate satisfaction is when his patients refer their loved-ones.

After all, trust is more than just a five-letter word but rather it is something that Dr. Picardi wants to earn from his patients daily.