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Intermittent fasting method to build better muscles

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Intermittent fasting is a new method of building muscles and many people are interested in knowing more about it. It may be necessary to do so because of your busy ness or due to some religious factors or you may decide that this is a good way to build more muscle.

Intermittent fasting method can help you to build more muscle, but you need to know a few things-

1. Follow a late-night training session method

If you’re going to follow an intermittent fasting method to build muscles, and if you are going to fast during the day, it is better to start working out in the evening. Before you go into any type of resistance training, you need to eat and so it will be impossible for you to train during the day. Once you complete your training, you should eat both protein and carbohydrate, because that will kick start the recovery process. So, it is better to follow a late-night training session.

Before the training, you need to have a small dinner meal which will work as the pre-workout meal to fuel your workout session. Once you work out during the night or evening, you will also need to have another really good meal before you go to bed.

2. More calories after your workout

You need to place bulk of your calories immediately after your workout when you are trying the intermittent fasting method to build more muscle. When you eat more after your workout, your body will use the food for creating more lean muscle mass. The food will also help boost your recovery from the workout. For that, you need to find out the calorie requirement for building muscle. You can take 20% of the calories before the workout. Mix both protein and carbs. You need to consume about 60% of the calories immediately after your workout. If that is difficult for you, you can spread it in 2 to 3 meals before you go to bed.

You can use calorie dense foods like dried fruit, raw oats, red meat, bagels etc. to reduce the amount of food you need to eat to get the required calories. You also need a higher carb diet instead of a lower carb for building muscle since it is soon after your workout. Just immediately after any workout, you need more carbs.

You will also need some fats. So, you can use a large carb/protein meal immediately after your workout and then a higher fat/protein meal before you end your day. Nuts, butter, oil etc. contain fat and more calories which will reduce the amount of food you need to eat besides offering you with the necessary fat.

3. Eat something just before fasting

If you’re going for intermittent fasting for building muscle, and you have decided to fast during the day, starting from 5 a.m., then you need to eat just before you start fasting. You can eat something when you wake up.

You need to eat about 20% of your total calorie intake during this meal. Eating a slow digesting protein like cottage cheese with red meat is good for this meal. You need to take at least 35% of your daily proteins needs during this meal. It will keep providing your body with a steady supply of amino acids. Add carbs and fats to it. If you want to go back to sleep after your first meal, you can do that. If you have habitually get up early at the same time every day, then you don’t have to sleep. You can start working right away.

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