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Everybody wants to look awesome with lots of well-defined muscles. Muscle building is not very easy because it involves proper understanding of different exercises and the right diet choices. If you know the right exercises to add more muscles to your body and the right diet that will help you in adding more and more muscles to your body, then you'll be able to look better with more well-defined muscles.


There are a few things that you need to understand because they will help you to add more muscles without adding more fat to your body.

1.   Calories are important, but not everything

Calories are very important when you want to build more muscles. However, they are not the only thing that you need to care about. You definitely need more calories to add more mass your body. Calories are needed for rebuilding the muscle tissues which break down during your training. However, even though many people believe that high calorie intakes are good for your mass adding program, but they can result in increase in body fat. They will make you look bigger, but you will also have lots of fat in your body. When you're trying to build more muscles, you are trying to reduce the body fat percentage while adding more muscles.

2.   Focus on protein

To build more muscles, you will need more protein because protein is the building block of your muscles. It will stimulate muscle growth. You need 2 g of protein per pound of your body weight every day. You should divide that protein into several different meals spaced in three hours.

3.   Eating after training

After you complete your workout, you need a meal rich in carbohydrate and protein. After your workout, your body is not sufficient enough in sending carbohydrates for fat storing pathways. Carbohydrates after workout will be used mostly for growth. When you combine carbohydrates with protein after your workout, your body gets a combination which is good for your muscles. It's a muscle-fitting combination as carbohydrates help amino acids in getting to the muscles by increasing the insulin levels in the body. Insulin gets more nutrients to the muscle cells and start the muscle growth process in the body.

4.   Drink water

Drinking lots of water helps in building more hostels. You need more water, especially before your workout. Water also helps you to feel full. It reduces the hunger pangs. During your workout, you can drink water every 15 to 20 minutes. During hot and humid days, the amount of water should be increased. If your body is suffering from dehydration, it will affect your performance during workout. Water is the best drink for you. You can also try a low-calorie sports drink to keep yourself hydrated. Fluids at cooler temperature will help you to drink more and as a result will keep you hydrated and help in the muscle building process.

5.   Gains of muscle vary

Muscle gaining happens at different rates for different individuals. There are several factors on which muscle gain depends. Body size and experience of the workout greatly decide the mass gain. Keeping a diary of the measurements including weight will help you to see how your body is transforming. You need to focus more on the muscle instead of fat and so the total weight may not be the right indication of your benefit at some point of time. Take measurements of your body parts such as waist, hips, biceps, chest and quads. They will give you the right idea about how much muscle you are gaining.
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