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Active Kids – Why Parents Must Get Involved and what’s in it For You!

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Parents have different ways to raise their kids but some things cut across all parenting methods. One of them is spending time outside standard family time with the kids. It is essential for every parent to understand the necessity of spending time with their kids and the fun activities which can be done during the designated time.


Is it necessary to intentionally be involved in my child’s life?


Yes, it is. All children deserve to feel loved and appreciated, and the best way to do this is to do things together. When children feel loved, they are able to flourish and attain great heights in that comfortable environment.


The best way to understand your kids and what they are going through is to bond with them. It is easier for kids below a certain age to speak freely but no one wants to feel as if they are begging for attention. Planning events and having conversations with your children creates love and trust. This makes it easier for them to come to you for advice or another kind of help.


Some issues may not be readily voiced out, but they can be noticed under keen observation. We all understand how it would be difficult to pull this off if you only sit together during meals.


Every person who has children is charged with the responsibility of raising them to be decent and useful people in the society. Doing things together gives parents a chance to instill their values in their children. With this routine, the effect will be soft and more efficient compared to giving discipline to a child only after they have done something wrong.


This works to your advantage as well.


Aside from keeping your child safe in a free setting, it helps you get closer to your child. It feels great to be able to be your child’s parent and a friend simultaneously.


I don’t know if you know this but parents who are constantly away from their young ones have a feeling of guilt, a heavy feeling tugging on their conscience. This bonding period, no matter how short, wards off this feeling.


It’s fun and educational. Looking at things from a child’s point of view gives you a fresh perspective on life and also makes it possible to learn new things.


How to make the best of these moments?


It is of no benefit to your loved one if you set aside time and have them running tedious chores or watching old movie clips. In order to ensure that the experience is enjoyable (and hopefully memorable), ask the kids’ opinion on what they would like to do on your day together.


The younger kids are more often ready with a list full of activities to do with mummy or daddy (or both parents). I once had my nephew ask me to go with them and watch cars being repaired because his mother had refused (odd, right?). Agreeing to events which may not necessarily be interesting to you goes a long way to strengthening the friendship between the both of you.


Nonetheless, do not agree to something that could possibly bore you into a coma. It is better to ask your child to compromise than let them see that you aren’t enjoying yourself.

Teenagers might hold back when you seek their advice on such matters. Most of them like to keep to themselves as they edge closer to adulthood but this is the stage where parental guidance is very crucial. At this point, the child is going through many changes all at once and having a parent “on their side” helps shape them into responsible adults.


A proven way to bond with your kids is using their hobbies. It makes it easier for the teenagers to be comfortable with their parents while doing something they enjoy.


If they like a particular sport you can watch a game or better yet, participate in one. I cannot count the number of times I have heard of dads playing baseball with their sons. For those who enjoy making delicacies, you can Google an easy recipe and make the meal together. A friend of mine plays ukulele professionally, and it all started with her playing it as a child with her mum on the weekends.


Whichever way you decide to bond with your children, ensure it is fun and beneficial to the both of you. For the best results be creative and put time into planning these activities.