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How can you boost your metabolism with exercise?

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Exercises can help you to boost your metabolism and thereby build muscles and lose fat. You just need to know what type of exercises you need in your workout and when to do them. Your metabolism means all the things your body the first to convert food into energy, which is necessary to keep you moving.

Some people may have faster metabolism and some people may have slower metabolism. There are many factors that can affect your metabolism and make it faster or sluggish. Such factors include age genes and sex. Let’s find out how you can speed up your metabolism with exercise.

Intensify your workout

If your working out, try to intensify if you want to boost your metabolism. Try intervals. You can switch back and forth between higher and lower intensity and that will help you by improving your metabolism. To do that, you make your exercise really challenging and then reduce your pace and just repeat the process.

Lift weights

By lifting weights you can improve your metabolism. Muscle uses more calories than fat and if you can strengthen your muscles, it will help you to burn more calories and that will continue even when you are at rest. Lifting weights twice or thrice in a week will help you to boost your metabolism. It is also beneficial for your heart, bones and your mental health.

Do not reduce calories or carbs too much

Too much of everything is bad and that is true for calories or carbs. If you reduce calories or carbs too much, it may help you to lose body fat but it will also reduce your metabolic rate. Since your body will find out that you are reducing energy, it will stop producing certain hormones and as a result you will burn lesser calories. Since your body doesn’t want to waste energy, as a part of its survival instinct, your body will stop burning calories. Your metabolic rate will go down and you will start gaining weight. If you to lower your calories or carbs, you can do so gradually over time. You will also need to have cheat meals once a week. Reduce some foods but eat the right kind of nutrients before you gradually reduce calories or carbs from your diet.

Move around more

When you move around more, it will help you to boost your metabolism. If you spend most of your time sitting, or sleeping, probably now is the time to change that. When you get up frequently and move around a lot, you are actually helping yourself and your health. You can take the stairs or take a walk at the park. Move around in the office every 30 minutes. You can go out to take a cup of coffee or do anything where you need to walk.

Eat whole foods

Whole foods will help you to boost your metabolism. There are essential for you because they contain lots of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and these elements can boost your metabolism. There are different types of diets available which will help you to eat more whole foods. You can opt for such diets or you can simply include more whole foods in your existing diet to make it healthier for you. Whole foods do not contain preservatives and unnecessary elements and so they are healthier for you. Your body will be clean and that means a faster moving metabolic engine.


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