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Daily habits that will boost your metabolism

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The following habits can help you to boost your metabolism


Drink a glass of cold water

If you drink a glass of cold water, it can help you to boost your metabolism. You will need to drink and ice cold glass of water at a regular frequency. Researchers found that if you drink eight glasses of cold water every day, it can improve your metabolism. So start drinking eight glasses of cold water during your day. You can drink a glass or two just after waking up and before having your morning tea.

Eat every three hours

Now if you follow this daily habit of eating every three hours, it can help you to boost your metabolism. However, it does not mean that you have to eat something very happy whenever you are eating. You do not have to take high calorie foods and you don't have to eat a lot. You can take your total calorie intake and then divide it into three meals. Then add two snacks in between your meals. Some researchers believe that if you eat within an hour of waking up it is good for you because it can inhibit your body's starvation mode. You can decide the hours of your meals and snacks depending on your daily life and activities you perform in a given day.

Drink a cup of tea

Tea can boost your metabolism. It can help you to reduce fat and your waistline. In a research, researchers found that drinking tea can increase metabolism by 10%. Polyphenols are found in tea which can specially help in increasing metabolism in case of females. A few cups of tea can help you to improve your metabolic rate. Body should drink your tea at the right time and not before a meal because it kills the urge to eat something.

Get some more sleep

Sleeping can help you by boosting your metabolism. If you stay awake till very late in the night, it can affect your metabolism and reduce your metabolic rate. If you are suffering from chronic sleeplessness and you are not able to sleep as much as you should, it will reduce your metabolic and endocrine functions. If you are not sleeping enough, your carbohydrate metabolism and endocrine functions will be affected. As an adult, unit 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day because it will keep your metabolic rate at a healthy state.

Increase omega-3 intake

Omega-3 fatty acids can help you in increasing your metabolism. It is generally found in fish oil. It can speed your metabolism up exponentially. When you eat oily fish with omega-3, it increases fat burning enzymes present in your body and at the same time lowers your stored fat levels. This supplement is very useful for you because it can help you to burn extra 400 calories every day. Burning such a big number of extra calories just by eating more fish with omega-3 fatty acids is really beneficial for you and is also good for your taste buds.

Eat organic

If you go organic, it will help you by boosting your metabolism. The conventional form foods has lots of antibiotics and growth hormones and they can wreak havoc in your body system. They also cause different problems and medical issues. They not only affect your immune system, but also slow down your metabolism. Especially the pesticide residues present in non-organic foods can drastically reduce your metabolic rate. So, start introducing organic fruits and vegetables into your diet and gradually go completely organic.


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