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How can you prevent asthma attacks

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If you know how to do it, preventing asthma attacks is possible. The following tips will help you to prevent asthma attacks in future.

Use allergy proof covers

You can use allergy proof covers on your pillows and mattresses and they will help you to prevent possible asthma attacks. It can also wash your bedding weekly in hot water which is above 130°F as that will help you to eliminate dust mites. You can also use a dehumidifier which will reduce excess moisture and thereby will prevent mold in your rooms.

Be careful of pet dander

If you have pets in your home, you should be careful about them. If possible do not allow them in the bedroom or on furniture. However, since they are like members of the family, it may be little difficult for you to do that. You need to know that pet dander is a common asthma trigger and you should be careful of it.

Avoid smoke

Smoke can be a very common asthma trigger and so you should avoid it. Even if you are getting second-hand smoke even then asthma may trigger for you. Smoke on clothing, drapes or furniture can result in asthma attacks. That is why you should be careful to stay away from any type of smoke.

Control your seasonal allergies

If you want to prevent an asthma attack, you will need to control your seasonal allergies because they are closely related. You need to talk to your doctor and find out what solution you have for your seasonal allergies.

Know about the air quality

Poor quality of air can easily trigger asthma in different individuals. Extremely hot and humid weather in a poor air quality condition can immediately result in asthma symptoms. If you can take any steps to improve the quality of the air you are in, you should do that immediately. If that is not possible, you can limit outdoor activity when such conditions exist. If there is a pollution alert, it is better for you not to go out in the open.

Get rid of harsh cleaning products and chemicals

If you are using cleaning products and chemicals that are harsh, they may trigger asthma in your case. Fumes from such household cleaners can be dangerous for you. You need to avoid inhaling any type of fumes at home or anywhere else because that can result in asthma in your case.

Exercise indoors

Physical activity is very important for anyone and you should not compromise on that. But if you suffer from asthma, it is not important to go out and exercise out in the open. It is possible to perform physical activity is indoors and you can do better because most of the gyms are closed rooms. It is important for you not to go out on very cold all very warm days. The doctor can help you by advising the right thing to do depending on the weather.

Reduce stress

In case of many people, due to stress, they suffer from asthma. If you are such a person, it is very important for you to reduce your stress if you cannot completely eliminate it. Intense emotions and worry may result in asthma attacks. Make sure that you are relaxed enough and only do things that you enjoy. Is very important for you to avoid stress and if you need to do something that causes stress for you, you will need to try to reduce the stress.

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