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Asthmatics Can Benefit More with Yoga

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Yoga may have health benefits for people with asthma

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a long term reversible obstruction of the airways due to exposure to allergens in the environment and other triggers. The long term management of asthma is with the use of maintenance medications such as inhaled steroids and mast cell stabilizers, all of which have side effects. However, a new study has suggested that yoga may have benefits on symptoms and quality of life in men and women with bronchial asthma; however effects on lung function and medication use are not yet certain. This Cochrane review published in the Cochrane Library recently, means that yoga will have a important influence on symptoms and quality of life in individuals with bronchial asthma, but effects on lung function and remedy use are unsure.

Asthma is a common chronic disorder affecting about 300 million men and women globally. The many signs of bronchial asthma include wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath.

Yoga has received global reputation as a form of exercise with general lifestyles advantages, and many studies have investigated the advantage of yoga to relieve bronchial asthma-related issues.

Yoga and Asthma

This Cochrane review summarizes the outcomes of randomised trials and has found evidence that practising yoga may improve bronchial asthma signs and symptoms to some degree. Nevertheless, researchers additionally warned that studies with more subjects would be wanted to draw any conclusions about the benefits of yoga.

The team of Cochrane researchers wanted to discover the how yoga affects people with asthma.

They studied 15 randomised controlled trials which involved 1,048 participants. Many of these trials were conducted in India, followed by those from Europe and the U.S. The majority of participants had moderate to moderate asthma for six months to greater than 23 years. Six studies delved into the results of breathing for the duration of yoga exercise, while other reviews assessed the consequences of yoga that incorporated breathing, posture and meditation.

Most participants in this review endured to take their typical asthma medicine at the same time while taking part in yoga. The reviews have been performed over a time period of two weeks to over 4 years.

The researchers located some satisfactory evidence from 5 studies that showed the fact that yoga reduces the asthma symptoms. However, proof about yoga’s effects on the individuals’ lung performance is more uncertain due to diversified results. The effects of yoga on the use of asthma medicines any side-effects of yoga are also not certain, considering that just a few studies highlighted these results.

The lead author of this study commented, “Our findings suggest that yoga exercise may lead to small improvements in asthma quality of life and symptoms. However, it is unclear whether yoga has a consistent impact on lung function and we don’t yet know if yoga can reduce people’s medication usage, or if there are any side-effects of yoga for people with asthma.”

Another author remarked, “At present, we just don’t have enough high quality evidence to determine the effects of yoga as a type of exercise for helping people manage their asthma. Because there is uncertainty about the effects of yoga on lung function and use of asthma medication, it’s important that people with asthma continue to take their medication, as prescribed. The findings of this Cochrane Review will help people make more informed choices about their future treatment options.”

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