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Transform your body with calisthenics

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Transform your body with calisthenics

You can transform your body and get the body of your dreams with calisthenics. There are several benefits that bodyweight training like calisthenics offers to you and that is why it's very popular worldwide. In this type of bodyweight training, you do not use any loads or special gym equipment. Crunches, push-ups, burpees etc. that you have been doing in your gym come under calisthenics. Let's find out how this bodyweight training can transform your body within a few weeks.

Improves your whole body

Bodyweight exercises with calisthenics will strengthen your whole body. It does not target a single muscle; instead it focuses on one muscle group. Let's take an example, with the simple push up that has been there for a long time, you are actually working on your chest or your triceps. But when you're trying to do push-ups, you have to do brace your core, glutes, quads and abs. Since all these muscles need to work in harmony, it will exercise all these different muscles. It will help your body by toning the whole body.

You can exercise at home without any equipment

You don't need any equipment at all and you can exercise right at your home and get all the benefit. The journey to your awesome body and fitness starts right from your home. You need lots of space. It will have to go to the gym and waste your time while going and coming back and you don't have to pay any gym membership fee.  You need a pull up bar, a resistance band or a jumping rope and you are all set to start your bodyweight exercise. These are very cheap and you can easily install them at your home. It doesn't make a hole in your pocket and you can immediately start your training program without the need of any special equipment.

It improves flexibility

Bodyweight calisthenics programs will help you by improving your flexibility. In most of the movements in the program the movements are fully extended. That brings you one benefit-building strength without loss in flexibility. You may need to use both dynamic stretching and static stretching at different point of your workout. Dynamic stretching is necessary at the end of your warmup whereas static stretching is necessary at the end of your session. Since you need to include wider range of movements in different exercises, your flexibility increases along with those movements.

Lose fat

If you are trying to lose fat, calisthenics bodyweight exercises are the best way to do that. These exercises will help you to burn more fat. So, you will need to include cardio but along with that you will also need some strength exercises for building muscles and losing weight. When you combine them together, they will help you to shape your figure at the same time when you are losing fat. This calisthenics exercises can be performed with high-intensity exercises and so it will work for you when you are trying to lose fat and weight. This is a more efficient way of losing fat.

More endurance

Besides developing your flexibility and improving your whole body, calisthenics will also improve your endurance. When you perform these exercises properly, which means you perform the adjusted number of reps and sets, it will improve your endurance. The bodyweight exercises in which you need to hold a position for some time, are the best exercises for improving your muscle endurance. Plank is such a bodyweight exercise that will help you to increase your endurance.