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Workout and fat loss

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Diet is a very important part of the process of losing fat but working out or exercising is also another important element of this process. Workout can help you to lose fat and look better while helping you to get the best shape of your life. Let's find out how workouts can help you to lose more fat.

1. Loaded carries

It means transporting weights different ways. In this method, you can walk holding weights in your hand, carry weights in the crook of your elbows, using dumbbells or a bar hold weights overhead or you can push or pull a sled. You may use different types of implements and equipment. It is useful for you because it can help you in ways other workout methods may not be able to. It contains several important elements- isometric tension in key muscles, need to stabilise the trunk and dynamic movement. It will help you to decrease your body fat by burning more calories and improving your hormonal discharge. It will also help you by improving your insulin sensitivity in your muscles.

2. Active rest between sets

This method is very important for losing fat from your body. In this method, you do not take rest periods during training. Between two sets of each exercise, you can add some light training or activity so that they can keep your heart rate elevated. So, while working out your upper body, you can always add abs exercises in between the sets. It is possible to add forearms or calf works in between two sets. To follow this method to burn more fat, you will need to first perform the first set of your main exercise and then do active rest work for about 45 to 60 seconds and then go to the second set of your main exercise. Just follow the same method of exercising and it will help you to burn more fat than other exercises.

3. Elimination circuit

You need to create an elimination circuit using five exercises that will cover your whole body. All these exercises have to be big movements. It may include a squat variation, one horizon press, one vertical press, one pull and one-hip hinge variation. You need to perform these five exercises as a circuit and between stations you can take a break of 60 seconds. First you perform five reps of each exercise in the first round and when you complete the first round, in the second round you will add one rep per exercise with the same weight. In the next rounds, you will keep adding one more rep to the existing number of reps. At one point of time, you will no longer be able to perform the number of reps on an exercise, you can drop the exercise and continue on. Continue doing this, until you have no exercises left in the rotation.

4. Walking

Walking can help you to burn more fat if you know how to do it. You will need to add an hour of brisk walking every day. It can actually do wonders to your body by helping your body composition. Walking is also good for you because it will not raise cortisol in your body. Rather, it can reduce cortisol production because it will help you to relax. It may not burn as many calories as working out with weights or your body weight but it will definitely make a significant difference. It is possible to burn several hundred calories in an hour if you take a faster pace. A pound of fat is about 3500 calories and so in a week, you can lose 1 pound of body fat from your body. Within 12 weeks, you can lose extra 4-5 pounds of fat from your body.


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