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Super foods can help you to lose weight fast

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When you add the following super foods to your diet, they will help you to increase the speed of weight loss. If you can lose more weight just by adding the following foods in your existing diet, why won't you do that?


Legumes are good for you when you are trying to lose weight and reduce your waist size. If you restrict your calories and consume legumes for four weeks, it can help you by reducing more weight in comparison to other diets giving the same duration. The legumes can also improve your bad LDL cholesterol levels and systolic blood pressure. Lentils, peas, chickpeas and beans are very important for you and you should include them in your diet. Eat them throughout the week and see how they can help you in losing more weight.


If you eat grapefruit before a meal, it can increase your fat burning performance. A study found that this is like a warmup technique and it can help you to reduce your waist size by up to an inch within six weeks. Grapefruits contain phytochemicals which will help you to burn more fat. However, before you start using it, you need to talk to your doctor because grapefruit may have some interaction with certain type of medications. It is always easy to eat grapefruits raw or add to your salads.

Avocado oil

If you consume avocado oil, you can lose 20% of your belly within a year. It is better than flax-safflower oil blend when you are trying to lose weight. 3 tablespoons of avocado oil daily will help you to lose more weight. You can lose up to 2% of your belly fat in one month when you use avocado oil.


According to some, almonds are a natural weight loss pill. When it is combined with a calorie restricted diets, it can help in rapid weight loss. You need to eat about a quarter cup of nuts to reduce weight more effectively in just two weeks. It is more effective than several other snacks available for people who are trying to lose weight. Within 24 weeks, you will notice 62% better reduction in weight and BMI. If you one more and better results, you need to eat the nuts before you start your workout. Almonds contain the amino acid L-arginine, which can help you to burn more fat and carbs while working out and so you need to eat them before your workout.


Researchers of UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition recently found in a study that pistachios can help you to reduce your body weight. Within four weeks pistachios helped people to decrease their BMI by a point. Pistachio was introduced as an afternoon snack. It also improved their cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Green tea

Green tea not only offers you a better health by minimising the free radicals, it can also help you to lose weight. Along with your workouts, you need to drink green tea to increase the weight loss numbers. In just two weeks, when you drink 4 to 5 cups of green tea every day along with your exercise, you can lose more belly fat in comparison to people who are not drinking green tea. If you can maximise your belly fat loss by simply drinking more tea, why not do it? Green tea contains catechins which is an antioxidant that discourages storage of belly fat is and increases belly fat loss process. If you want repeat weight loss, it is important for you to include green tea in your list of beverages.

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