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Simple remedies for lower back pain

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A multifaceted approach for your lower back pain problem will help you more to get relief from lower back pain. The following tips can help you to find some overlooked remedies which can help you to get relief from your back pain.

Release inner endorphins

Endorphins are hormones which are found naturally in your body. This hormone can help you to get relief from pain like any prescription pain medication. When these hormones are released, they can block the pain signals and such signals cannot register with your brain. Endorphins can also help you to get relief from your lower back pain because it can also block your lower back pain signals to your brain. It is also beneficial for you because it can eliminate or reduce anxiety, depression and stress and these are the problems associated with chronic back pain, which can also make the back pain worse.

You can release endorphins by performing aerobic exercises, with meditation and with massage.

Strengthen your core

The muscles present in your midsection or the abs and back are very crucial in supporting your spine, specially your lower spine. Since they do not get a good workout during the day, it is very important for you to bring in different types of exercises to strengthen your core. There are simple and complex exercises which you can perform daily to strengthen your core. You need to engage more core muscles for a longer duration so as to improve the strength of your code and that can be done using different types of exercises for the varied length of time.

Get restorative sleep

To get relief from lower back pain, you need more restorative sleep. Pain can cause insomnia and if you're suffering from chronic back pain, you are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders. And when you can sleep properly your back pain worsens. It's like a vicious cycle and you need to break it to get relief from lower back pain. To do that, you need more restorative sleep and for that you will need to address your sleep problems. Your doctor may also help you to break the cycle by inducing more sleep for you.

Stretch your hamstrings

By stretching your hamstrings you can reduce lower back pain. If you have tight hamstrings, they will add to your lower back pain. Hamstring muscles are located at the back of your thighs and if they are tight then they will cause more pain. You need to stretch your hamstrings twice-daily and gentle stretching exercises are good enough for such stretching.

Keep yourself happy

If you can keep yourself happy, it will reduce the pain you are feeling. Pain is not just the sensation and it is more complex than that and your brain interprets and processes the pain signals in different ways. Because of that different people feel different degrees of pain from the same lower back pain. When you engage yourself in activities that makes you happy, it becomes easier for you to forget about the pain and keep working on things that you like. The activities may be anything. It may be very simple and it may include several steps but ultimately those activities should make you happy. It can help you to sleep better and improve your mood which will in turn help you to reduce the feeling of pain. Lower back pain may result in other problems such as depression and anxiety and activities that make you happier will counter such problems and will keep your life on track even after lower back pain.

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