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Staying healthy is the ultimate mantra of life in 2017

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Are you serious about losing weight by working out? Have you resolved yet again in 2017 that you’re going to embrace a healthy lifestyle which is free from all kinds of bad health habits? If you’re earnestly thinking of following whatever you’ve resolved, you need to stay on the right health track. There are hundreds of jobs that you need to get done if you want to take care of your health. If you’ve been confused about the best steps to take to live a healthy lifestyle, here are some tips that you may consider. Read on to know about some ways in which you can enhance your health.

  • Start moving: No, you don’t always need a gym membership in order to get into the best shape. You just need your smartphone along with you. Download any of the numerous 7-minute workout apps that are there in PlayStore and challenge yourself to complete few high intensity workouts within a short span of time. You can also add jogging or brisk walking around your neighborhood.
  • Stop overeating: Do you catch yourself overeating sometimes? If you could control over-eating, this could reduce your food intake by at least 30%. Make sure you don’t eat while watching TV as that may make you eat more. Eat on small plates, cook small portions, cut down your food intake and chew your food very well. Put away leftovers before you eat and also use a thin glass to cut down on drinks.
  • Say good morning with lemon water: Lemon water is very easy to make and it has also got a number of health benefits too. Take a tall glass of water and squeeze lemon into it. Vitamin C increases immunity and improves digestion. People who feel dehydrated find it good to drink lemon water. Drink lemon water with straw and wash your mouth later on so that you can do away with the effects of citric acid.
  • Try deskercises: Don’t be a couch potato, rather be a work potato. A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of all kinds of bad effects on health as compared to an active routine. Don’t commit the mistake of sabotaging your health just because you’re spending 9-5 in your office. Try desk squats, book pressing exercises so that you can also remain active while you’re working in office.
  • Treat yourself by a massage session: Eliminate the stress of 2016 and treat yourself well. There is always something soothing about the healing touch of a masseur. Massage is usually deemed to be a part of alternative medicine and is a physical therapy. Massage can reduce pains and headaches and it can also relieve you from pain in shoulders and neck.

Therefore, follow the tips mentioned above to lead a healthy lifestyle in 2017. Don’t let health issues blow a hole in your wallet as medical costs are rising like never before. Also get your insurance coverage in place.