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7 Tanning Tips You Need This Summer

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While fair skinned people may often wonder if they have the ability to tan, the ability to get a bronzed skin tone is not exclusive to anyone! We can all look our best during the coming summer months, without having to go to the local tanning salon. Read on to learn more about these helpful tips:

1. Use Protection

Don’t worry, suntan lotion is not going to stop you from soaking in the rays and getting some color. However, it will stop you from burning, so be sure to remain protected in the sun at all times! There are many different sunscreen levels for various purposes so make sure you find the one that’s right for you. They can be easily bought for instance on Amazon.

2. Take Your Time


When you first begin to tan, make your sessions in the sun short. Spend 15-20 minutes in the sun to start with and slowly increase the amount of time you spend outside in five-minute increments. If you do decide to use a tanning bed, space the sessions out and don’t go every day.

3. Allow The Skin To Tan On Its Own

Tanning continues to take place, even after we are no longer in the sun. The production of melanin is not over once we step back inside and the cell stimulation continues taking place, so there is no need to sit in the sun and wait for the skin to change color.

4. Using Accelerators

To speed up the tanning process, you can use accelerators. For best results, apply the tanning accelerator on top of your SPF cream. The skin produces melanin at a greater rate if it is fed by tanning accelerators that are rich in l-tyrosine. While some may consider the use of tan accelerators to be “cheating”, it is not the same as using a fake tan and there are no unsightly streaks. They create the proper conditions for golden skin by giving it the essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that are needed most.

6. Don’t Forget To Moisturize

Moisturizing is always key, especially when we are tanning our skin on a regular basis. The sun will strip the skin of its natural oils if we do not take the proper precautions. Quality moisturizing takes place both inside and out, so be sure to drink plenty of water and create a layer of moisturizer on the skin’s surface during each tanning session.

7. Tan On A Regular Basis

Those who are fair skinned tend to struggle with building the base tan and they must slowly increase their exposure to the sun. It is important not to fall behind. Otherwise, all of your hard work will be for naught and you will be forced to start over again!