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The myths and facts related to heart health

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You usually fall into the trap of being given the wrong information through an ill informed neighbor, a misinterpreted magazine or a commercial which you watched with a half heart in your busy schedule. But nevertheless, the more frequently you come across it or you hear about it, the more you start believing it. In a world of heart attacks, there is a strong battle that every Cardiologist fights everyday against death so that someone can survive a heart attack. Apart from this, they also fight different myths that are related to heart attacks which they think if can be cleared somehow would pave way in assuring a healthy heart and a healthy life.

One of the most significant mythical attacks is the thinking of the people who think any kind of exercise is good for the heart. So they invent their own kind of exercises to console themselves that they have had their dose of exercise full for the day, when actually nothing happens. They need to realize that the heart is going to be benefitted when you go for a jog, cycle or climb a hill and you see yourself puffing for breath. Your heart at that time is at its fastest trying to give you life and that is the when you are paying back your heart.

Even the aerobics or the Yoga, are most amazing for your heart but weight training is not that necessarily that benefitting as the rest of the exercises.  Weight training is for building up a leaner mass of the body and have nothing to with the heart. However, people still think that joining a gym and doing any kind of machine related exercise `will keep their heart intact.
People also think that women are more prone to heart ailments which, again is a big myth. On the contrary, the statistics reveal it is the men who die more because of heart attack since they cry lesser. Women on the other hand are able to pour their heart out in the form of tears and therefore are able to survive the crisis.


However, if you do not compare both the genders, the women tend to die because of the cardio failures than the infamous breast cancer. But this usually does not come out well in the families where the health of the women is ignored vis-à-vis a man's health. The women are bred to be tolerant of any disease for that matter as compared to the men who are rushed to the hospital at the slightest sign of a health hazard.

“Even while going for health check-ups, a mammogram or a pap smear test is listed (to detect cancer), but not a heart check-up, which is very necessary,” he added.


Even when the family checks up are made, the woman is expected to get herself tested for breast cancer more than a heart check up. A study done at the MIT says that the working woman hardly gets time to get themselves checked for a heart check up and the housewives are the worst hit. At least the working women are aware of the health related issues and are able to somehow give justice to the heart by walking around, the housewives are too busy in their household chores to even step outside their house.


The studies also reveal that the women do have estrogen hormone which tends to give them a protection against the heart attacks but the contemporary lifestyle of eating junk, smoking, contraceptive pills and drinking makes them vulnerable to cardio failures.