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When Should Men Consider Hormone Therapy?

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Hormone therapy is increasingly becoming part of the national health conversation for men. Most men didn’t think about hormone therapy a couple of decades ago. We were men! We were strong! But today we know a little more, and hormone therapy can actually give men a lot of aid, without many side effects if properly handled. Here are some of the reasons men might decide to receive hormone therapy as directed by a doctor.

Breast Formation. Male breast formation, also known as Man Boobs, are a frustration for most men when they start to sprout. Men can form breasts during infancy, adolescence, old age, or anywhere in between. It all start with lowered testosterone and increased estrogen levels. Male breasts can be reduced or removed through gynecomastia surgery, but in other cases a simple adjustment of body sex hormone levels may be enough to provide the change desired.

Bone Density. Men start to lose bone density as testosterone starts to be produced less by their bodies. The same thing happens to women (though by a different mechanism), and typically starts to be noticed during old age. However, the groundwork for healthy bones for life starts in young adulthood, when your body starts to store calcium that will last for the rest of your life. If you don’t have sufficient testosterone, you can’t form bones that are strong enough to last until you die. Get tested for testosterone now to learn about how your health will be as you age.

Libido and Sexual Development. Testosterone has an enormous impact on secondary sex characteristics like body hair, but it’s absolutely central to sexual desire and performance. If you are having trouble in bed, you may need to get checked for testosterone. Many men have seen improvement that changes their lives for the better after getting testosterone therapy, without ever having to resort to the blue little pill.


Reproductive Function. This aspect of health is related to the previous function, but has some details all its own. Not only will testosterone help you desire sex more, it will help you be more fertile when you have it. Your body makes sperm and semen at the bidding of testosterone. The more you have and the healthier they are, the more fertile you will be. This isn’t a panacea for men’s reproductive health problems, but it’s one of the first you will address if you are having trouble having kids.

Red Blood Cell Formation. Red blood cells do a lot, more than we can cover here, but they won’t be formed in adequate supply without adequate testosterone.

For all of these reasons, it is important for men to understand how much testosterone they are producing and its implications for their health, present and future. Hormone can be replaced through injections, through patches, even simple gels. These are easy fixes, but if you are in need, the differences will be profound. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about testosterone production, and whether you might need a boost in this area.