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Massage Therapy Is Part Of An Active Lifestyle

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Massage therapy has become extremely popular because it not only helps in relaxation of the body but is also used as a preventative treatment option for various ailments. The benefits of massage based therapy are wide and varied. For lower back pain, for instance, massage work better than spinal modification and acupuncture. A massage will lessen your reliance on painkillers by as much as 36%. Headaches, particularly migraines, can also be controlled using massages and have been shown to help people sleep better. In osteoarthritis patients, massages are effective against fatigue and nausea, swelling, and pain. The side effects of the treatment for cancer are also relieved or controlled to a certain extent when massages are used as complementary treatment. A large number of studies reveal the efficacy of massages against anxiety and depression.


There are two main kinds of massage therapies – rehabilitative and relaxing. Relaxing massages or Swedish massages work on the top layers of the muscles. The strokes are kneading, long and soft or involve tapping. A Swedish massage can not only help to relax the body but also works to energize the person. The first stroke is usually effleurage that relaxes the soft tissue of the body. It is then followed by petrissage where the muscles are rolled and kneaded. Friction strokes are circular and deep, aimed at causing friction between the tissues so as to help with blood flow. Finally, tapotement strokes (tapping) are performed by cupping the hands and fingers.For the best massage in Toronto drop by the Medical Massage Boutique
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Rehabilitative massages offer deep tissue massage. This kind of massage therapy is aimed to relax and rehabilitate specific areas of the body that are causing trouble. This refers to areas where the muscles are stiff or painful. Deliberate and slow strokes are used on the trouble spots so that the layers of tissue under the skin are massaged. Tendons and muscles that are sore can be massaged using this therapy option. Back sprains and muscle injuries along with chronic pain ailments are usually treated using deep tissue massage.

Pregnancy massages are also quite popular and come in two varieties – pre and postnatal massage therapy. These massages focus on the pain, anxiety and stress that a woman’s body goes through before and after pregnancy. Pregnancy massages lower anxiety levels, reduce pain in the leg and back, help with sleep, reduce levels of norepinephrine (stress hormone), increase dopamine and serotonin levels, reduce cortisol, and help in mood management. Commonly, pregnancy massages are conducted on a special table and include deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, and Shiatsu massage.

All in all, people who lead an active lifestyle can benefit a lot from massage because they can help to counteract the cons of such a lifestyle. They can help with both pain and stress, and improve quality of life.