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Foods that helps in losing belly fat

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The following foods will help you to lose belly fat. There are some foods which increase belly fat and some help in reduction of the fat present in the belly area.



You feel hungry and grab a snack to eliminate hunger. But when you eat oatmeal, you do not feel hungry very easily. Oatmeal is fibre rich and so it stays in the stomach for several hours and you do not feel hungry. However, you should be careful not to choose the sugary flavoured varieties available today.

Protein powder

Protein powder is good for everyone not only for the bodybuilders. It is good for you because it contains amino acids. These amino acids will help you to lose belly fat by burning fat and building muscle. You can simply drink it with milk, water or even add it to a smoothie. These are mostly available in the health food stores. While making the smoothie, it is always better to add the protein powder with low-fat milk or fruit yoghurt. If you are trying different exercises to lose belly fat and to lose weight, you will need some protein so that you do not lose muscles. Proteins are very much essential for our day to day functions and without them it will be impossible to do anything, leave aside losing belly fat.

Beans and legumes

Beans are good for you when you're trying to lose belly fat because they are a low-calorie food. It also contains protein and fibre, which will help you to lose weight and tone up your body. Beans and legumes will also offer you lots of fibre, which is necessary for keeping your full and avoid unnecessary snacking. When you eat beans and legumes instead of meat, you can reduce lots of saturated fat. While eating beans and legumes, you should be careful not to include refried beans because they contain high amounts of saturated fat.


Eggs are essential for you while you are trying to build muscles and even when you're trying to lose belly fat. Eggs are essential because they have vitamin B12. This vitamin is important because it helps you to metabolise fat. If you eat eggs every day in breakfast, you are likely to lose more weight in comparison to people who do not eat eggs. However, if your cholesterol is high, is important that you talk to your doctor and take his or her suggestion before eating eggs every day. Eggs offer you the necessary protein which is essential for shaping your body and losing the extra weight around your belly. Eggs will also help you by providing the necessary protein when you are exercising to lose the belly fat.


Almond and other nuts are useful for you when you're trying to lose belly fat. They keep you full and so you do not indulge in snacking. You will feel full for a longer duration when you eat nuts. There should be a limit on the number of nuts you eat so that you do not overload on calories.

Olive oil

Even when you're trying to lose belly fat, you need a little bit of fat in your food. Fat is essential because it will help you to control your hunger. Monounsaturated fats are good for you and olive oil and canola oil are such oils. Olive oil will help you to keep your cholesterol in control while providing you with the necessary fat. You should not use hydrogenated vegetable oils because they are full of unhealthy trans-fat.


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