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Get a flat belly

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Do you want to get a flat belly? A new tips can help you to achieve that dream.


Eat at the right time

You must eat a protein snack and you should eat it between 3 PM and 4 PM. Yes, you will need to maintain the time because it is considered as a magic hour. You can eat anything healthy that contains protein such as a protein bar, an apple, almonds or even a low fat cheese. Whatever happens, you should not miss this snack. This is important because it will help you by boosting your metabolism and will also help you to balance your blood sugar. Insulin forces you to store fat around your belly. When you keep your blood sugar lower, you also keep your insulin level lower. And snacking at the right time will help you to keep your insulin level lower.

It is also important to eat every 3 to 4 hours to ensure that your blood sugar level is even.

Crunches will not help you

Experts call it DCBA approach. In this approach- Diet fast, Cardio second, Building muscle third and Abs exercises last. This approach will help you to lose weight. Your focus should be more on healthier diets and then on the Cardio. After that comes your muscle and strength training and then only you should focus on ads exercises. The time you allow for each activity will gradually reduce from your diet to Cardio, then to building muscle and then to the abs exercises.

Chew more


To get a flat belly that you always wanted, you will need to chew more. When you eat something, you should chew more. Chewing more will prevent bloating. Chew your food more and grind them and make them smoother. Your digestion begins in the mouth and if you do not chew your food to the extent necessary, then it will not digest well. When your food is well digested, then it means less gas and bloating.

Increase level of glucagon

Glucagon is a hormone and it can be a very important ally in your fight against belly fat. It can help you to reduce the fat around your abdomen. To increase the level of glucagon, you will need to eat as less sugar as possible. Higher levels of glucagon will not allow deposit of fat to be used as energy in future. If possible, try to take your sugar consumption to as close as 0 grams.


Yes, boxing can help you to lose weight and inches from your abdomen. You can easily add boxing your cardio routine. Punching at a fast pace or with weights will help you to flatten your belly. That is why all the boxers have great and well-defined mid sections. When you throw punches, you engage your core. There are also different twisting movements which will help you to reduce the fat from your abdomen. When you box, you workout all the abs muscles and that's why it helps you to flatten your belly.

Boxing is also good for you as a cardio exercise. You can burn lots of calories with just a few minutes of boxing. It is possible to lose up to 2 inches from your waist within a few weeks. There are different boxing workouts available which you can try with your existing workout regimen. Boxing will also help you to build your muscles and your confidence. You can vary the speed and the weight with which you try your punches.

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