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Top 4 flat belly exercises every woman must do

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Every woman wants a flat, sexy stomach. We dream about having abs, however, sometimes not everything we desire comes true. We waste tons of money on buying exercise machines, lotions, meds and God knows what. And in the end, we're still left with that unwanted piece of extra fat.

If all the above mentioned stuff is right and you can relate to it, then Voila Sister! You have come to the right place. We researched and found out about some awesome flat belly exercises that would definitely help you lose that fat and get nothing but a really sexy flat stomach. Read on to find out more!

The Waist Whittler

You would require a ball for this exercise. First of all, you would have to sit on the ball. Once you have done that, then you need to walk your feet out so that now, only your upper back and shoulders are on the ball. The rest of the body should be in a bridge like position.

After this, you need to extend your arms until they are above your head. Now, clasp them together really tightly. Rotate your arms to the left and breathe out while doing so. Make sure that your hips are kept up. Now, rotate back to the center and breathe in while doing so. Now, repeat to your right.

The Muffin top Buster

It's a simple exercise that doesn't require anything other than yourself. All you have to do is to lie on one side, propped on your elbow. Your legs and hips should be resting on the floor. Now, you need to lift your hips off the floor, breathing out, while resting your entire weight on your forearm. Make sure you keep your lower back down and your tummy muscles engaged.

Repeat this exercise as many times as you can because this exercise will help you a lot. Once you're done, you can change sides and repeat all this on the opposite side.


Take a mat and lay on it on all fours. Then rise up with your hands directly under your shoulders, such that you are laying in a plank position. Your upper half should be in the air and the lower half should be stretched out on the mat. Make sure you are completely stretched out and your hips are not swaying sideways or positioned too high. When you are completely in the position, then you need to draw your lower-ab muscles inward. Apply pressure on your palms and press your hands strongly into the mat. Press strongly back with the help of your heels as well. Be in the position for at least two to three minutes. Repeat this three times.

Scale Pose

For this exercise, you need to sit in a cross-legged position. Your hands should be on the mat, next to your hips. With the help of your hands, lift your entire lower body off the mat. Now, once you're done with that, you need to hold for three breaths, then try to lower back down. Some people might find it a little difficult to lift their entire lower half, so for those people, they can keep their feet on the floor and just lift their butt. Repeat it three times.

If you want to achieve flat abs, chances are that you want to melt some fat too. So try to incorporate some cardio into your workouts to zap all the fat and make sure you perform strengthening exercises too for core strength and muscle definition. Follow these exercises regularly and patiently, and see a difference yourself.

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