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How to get flat abs fast

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How to get flat abs fast

flat abs fast

Who wouldn't want a perfectly flat stomach and a bunch of sexy abs? Oh! I know the answer; everyone. I can't think of a woman who wouldn't want to have this dream come true. We spend tons of bucks on buying lotions and creams, medicines and getting gym memberships. Some women even go an extra mile and get themselves a personal trainer, however unfortunately, they either run out of cash or go bankrupt. How would it sound if we tell you that we have got some amazing health routines that can help you get those dreamy ABS in no time?

Yes! We know. It sounds terrific. So, read on to find out more about this secret

Eat at the Magic Hour:

Yes! You can eat whenever you want to but make sure you eat something that contains protein between 3 to 4 pm. It can be anything; from a low fat cheese slice to a protein bar or a combination of almonds with organic apple.

You would ask, What's up with this Magic Hour?. The answer is pretty simple. Eating a snack at this hour balances the blood sugar and also boosts metabolism. If you keep your blood sugar low, you're indirectly keeping your insulin low. And insulin is that element that stores fat around your middle. So, eating a snack after every three or four hours will help in balancing down your blood sugar level.

Chew Your Food:

Yes! Chew it. 90% of the people NEVER chew their food correctly. Whenever you take a bite, make sure you chew it until it is like applesauce. It's important because the mouth is the body part where digestion starts. If food is not properly chewed and broken down into pieces, then it becomes difficult for it to get digested. And if the food is properly digested, then there is less gas and bloating.

Crunches Should Be Last on Your To “ Do List:

Every time we decide to have abs, we go straight to our gyms and start exercising. This is not the right approach. The right approach is DCBA “ Diet first, Cardio second, Building Muscle third and Abs Exercises last. You need to have an overall healthy lifestyle in order to have those classy abs and the perfectly shaped flat stomach. Exercises alone will not help you much. If you'd follow this routine, then we can safely say that you'd lose one to two pounds a week.

? You need to spend at least sixty minutes preparing a healthy meal for yourself. Do this daily.

? Consume Foods for internal detoxification

? Spend twenty minutes on cardio. Do this three to five times a week.

? Spend fifteen minutes on Strength training. Do this three times a week.

? Spend five minutes on abs exercises. Do this three times a week.

A Quick Note:

The point of writing this whole article was to make you understand the importance of little things. Exercise is one of the many factors that affect your body weight and shape. There are other factors as well and you need to pay attention to them as well.