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Summer zest is just one step ahead. Music festivals, entertainment on the beach, hiking and other outdoor activities – this is what everyone longs for on a rainy spring with great impatience. Moreover, both people who are physically active during winter, and individuals who want to start getting fit for the summer, consider this time of the year the best one to start working out. However, with summer in heads and minds, many people tend to overwork and, in fact, harm themselves a bit as well. How? Bellow you will be introduced to five biggest sports and fitness mistakes many people do.

No. 1. Working out only in a gym

You can find tons of stuff to do from the morning until the evening in every gym, but it is important to know that if you are working out alone (and especially without skills or proper habits) you can choose an inappropriate (too high or too low) pace and get wrong results.

In addition, most athletes notice that sports need to be engaged not only in the training room but also at home and in nature. In fact, if you know how to work out outside a gym wall’s, you will be more versatile and will be able to train and take a holiday in nature, or at home when you do not have the time or opportunity to go to the gym. Therefore, it is definitely worth investing in small workout items you can use at home (look for them at Amazon, under “home gym” and surely get good use out of these coupons) and forget the ancient myth that sports can be done only in a gym!

No. 2. Unbalanced training

There are many excellent fitness programs, thanks to which we can enhance our physical capabilities, but each training usually focuses on strengthening specific muscle groups (ignoring the small muscles of the work).

The muscle areas which we often forget are rotating shoulders, hips, chest, and mid spine muscles. How can they move? Once or twice a week do exercises that don’t need special preparation, and that will do! Ask your gym coach or just surf the web for easy and effective exercises and you will train your whole body for sure.

No. 3. Over-working out

Then we want to have a sleek and sporty body we often choose intensive training programs such as “CrossFit“. However, usually, a big part of beginners are not ready to immediately take such physical exertion, and frequently apathy occurs as these people soon get various injuries and get exhausted because of such robust and hard exercising.

It is important to understand that it is not necessary to immediately choose the most intense workout regimen. Our bodies are restored and strengthened during certain periods of breaks, through which you can simply do yoga or cycling.

No. 4. Wasting time

Take notice that sometimes we are training not hard enough. Someone is watching TV, and someone reads a magazine, while other chat with old friends they accidentally met at a gym, and so on.

Of course, breaks are necessary, but they can be utilized in lighter and relaxing muscles exercising instead. Practice does not have to make you exhausted, but it has to be intense. Moreover, if you are working hard enough, you won’t be able to chat so freely, so maybe do not waist your and other time and do what you came for “ workout!

No. 5. Having no plans ahead

Most of the training program work great in the short term (2 – 4 for weeks), but the human body gradually gets used to the existing physical workloads and then continue to operate in support mode. So, do we have a long-term training plan?

Even if your answer is “no” you should not be worried. You don’t need to change your workout regime entirely at all; it is enough to include new groups of exercises every 6 – 12 weeks or so, using different weight lifting exercises. Or you can always take new (additional) sports activities! Like, add an hour to a tennis court or, even better, get a swim in a pool!