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5 tips to beat insomnia

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If you find that you’re struggling to get to sleep each night and want some tips to try and beat insomnia, then this is the blog post for you.

  1. Have a set bedtime

    If you’re going to bed at different times each night, then this isn’t helping your sleep situation at all. Your body clock will be all over the place, especially if you have big lie-ins at weekends. Your body needs to get roughly the same amount of sleep every day, and approximately at the same times, so you’re going to have to try to be disciplined.

  2. Make sure your bed is comfortable

    You need to feel comfortable when you slip between your sheets each night, so you don’t want a lumpy mattress or a creaking bed frame. For the ultimate in comfort and convenience, you could invest in an adjustable bed to help you find the perfect sleeping position. You can even choose models that come with built-in massage functions so you can enjoy a relaxing massage before you drift off to sleep. You can find out more about these specialist furnishings online by visiting websites such ashttp://adjustablebeds.co.uk/.

  3. Don’t nap

    If you find that you’re so tired by mid-afternoon that you feel you need to have a nap, then try to go for a walk or visit a friend instead. If you do go for a nap, it might bring you short-term relief but come bedtime you’ll struggle to drift off again.

  4. Install blackout blinds or curtains

    Too much light can stop most people from sleeping, and if you find that the sun coming up wakes you up every morning, then you could really benefit from installing blackout blinds or curtains so you can sleep until your alarm goes off.

  5. Try to relax

    It’s really important that you don’t exercise just before bed as your body needs time to wind down. Instead you could have a relaxing bubble bath or maybe read a book. Having a TV in your room can be a bad idea as watching it can make it more difficult to fall asleep. Meanwhile, if you find yourself drawn to your tablet, then why not leave it downstairs until the morning? You need to teach your body and mind to relax and prepare to go to sleep.

    I hope these five tips help you get a better night’s sleep. Please remember that if your insomnia persists, it’s wise to visit your doctor so that they can double check that there isn’t an underlying health problem that is causing your sleeplessness. If you have a partner, then you shouldn’t be afraid to talk to them about your problem too as their support could really help.