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Common myths about Liposuction:

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There have been several pre-conceived notions about Cosmetic surgeries in different times by different people. Many a times, they are not just misinterpretations, rather hilarious as well. Liposuction being one of the most common surgeries has been a victim too. Myths are varied and diverse in their own ways. Some may be too overwhelming and some make it sound like an evil’s deed. This creates misunderstanding and makes people ignorant from knowing what the real scenario actually is.

Below given is the list of common myths about Liposuction that are far from truth:

1.Liposuction considered as one of the weight loss surgeries.

In reality, this is exactly not the case. Liposuction is a way to contour your body shape when exercises and gymming does not work out. The ideal weight loss surgery usually removes large amount of fat quite unlike in Liposuction. Rather, if this is done in Liposuction it may result in adverse side effects that may take really longer periods to recover and is in anyway not advisable.

2. Liposuction helps to remove Cellulite.

Liposuction basically removes deposits of fat stored between the skin and the muscle. However Cellulite is known to be present right after the surface of the skin and is of no help to be treated with Liposuction. The preferred treatment is Cellulaze.

3. Liposuction is not for men

Liposuction is a very commonly used procedure for both men as well as women to remove fat from hips, stomach area, under chin area and also thighs.

4.Obese people are ideal to take this surgery

The fact is that the best candidate for liposuction is the one who is 30% close to the ideal body size. An obese candidate may often have loose skin elasticity which is not recommended for this operation as he/she may experience irregularities in the contour.

5. There is a certain age to take this surgery.

A person of any age having an elastic skin, good health status and slightly over the average body weight can easily undertake this surgery.

6. After some time of liposuction the fat may get resettled from another body part to the part of the body operated.

The actual fact is that if the body is not properly maintained and with consequent weight gain, you may develop weight in other body parts that might appear to look like the fat has been moved.

7. Results of liposuction last for a year or so

After which many believes that the effect ceases to exist. The truth is that it is dependent on whether the body is constantly gaining weight or not. If that be the case, then it is an outcome of an improper diet and insufficient exercise. Liposuction does not determine the capacity of a body to lose or gain weight.

Thus while planning to undergo the surgery it is very important to know the facts and above all a good set up like Sono Bello should be selected as they have a team of experienced consultants and surgeons who will be able to guide you correctly and provide the best treatment.