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5 tips for better strength and conditioning

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The following tips will not only help you to become more conditioned and strong, but will also help you to add more muscles to your body-


1. Focus on your full body

Even though working on your single body parts is good, you should not become too comfortable. You need to shock your system and then only it will grow and adapt to something new and different. For a change, you can try a full body routine once every week.

Conditioning and strength for athletes can be achieved by total body workouts. These workouts are good because they allow you to work on your body as one complete unit. When you perform compound movements, they make you stronger. If you want to become bigger, have more strength and better conditioning, you need to go for compound movements instead of sticking to isolation training all the time. You can try different whole body compound movements such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, rows and good mornings. When you perform a weekly full body exercise, it will add muscles and strength to your body.

2. Explode

When you explode during your workout, you increase the possibility of creating more strength and conditioning for your body. It will also help you to add more muscles. When you use faster movements during training, it will employ faster twitch muscle units and as a result you will have bigger growth of your muscles. With maximum speed possible for the workout, you also condition your body to a greater extent. You need to train explosively with different compound movements. Lift as fast as you can along with lots of force.

3. Raise your metabolism

You need to try to raise your metabolism when you want to have better conditioning and more strength. Instead of pumping all your muscles, you need to focus more on increasing your metabolism. Generally professional athletes are seen gasping for air, who also has higher metabolism and who are better condition. Along with increasing your heart rate, exercises like bent over row, front squat, military press, good mornings and back squat will also increase your metabolism.

4. Avoid the treadmill

If you want more strength and conditioning along with more muscles, you can keep off the treadmill and stop some of the cardio. However, you will need to do something- run sprints. It is something that every conditioned athlete does. It will develop your cardiovascular system along with your legs. The sprint workout should be brief. It should take only 15 minutes. Shot sprains will help you to get into the best shape of your life while building more muscles.

5. Minimize machines

Machines are good for you when you are trying different bodybuilding isolation movements. However, you need to break out of your comfort zone. To do that, sometimes you can complete a workout session without using any machines. Conditioning athletes use less machines because they learned how to move their body. If you’re not using machines, you’re likely to gain more.

Machines have a problem. When you work out with machines, you do not have to brace your core. You do not engage your core and abs while working out in a machine because they are stable. On the other hand, when you use free weights, you need to brace your core to maintain the balance. So, try to avoid machines as much as possible and engage your core during workouts. Keep your abs tight throughout the entire movement during workouts. It will also help you to reduce your waistline.

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