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Guidelines for better strength and conditioning

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If you want both strength and conditioning together, your training will be different from general training in the gym. It's so because you are trying to achieve two things together. The following guidelines will help you to achieve both of them together and in the best way.

Prioritise your training goals

Since you are trying to do two things together, you will have to prioritise your training goals. You should not try to do two things at once. That's because then you will not be successful. Here, you want to combine strength with conditioning and prioritising will help you to achieve both.

This is something which is difficult to do at the same time. You need a plan for that and to make that plan, you need to prioritise strength or conditioning. Even though both can be present, one of them will have to take precedence. If you are trying to achieve both at the same level, that can be the reason for your disaster.

You need an energy to perform the exercises and to achieve the results you expect. If you want to build bigger, stronger muscles, it is an intensive process and it will need lots of energy to repair, rebuild and remodel tissues throughout your body. In case of conditioning, you need to improve the vascular network throughout your body so that they can deliver more oxygen to working muscles. It will not happen if you are not devoting lots of resources from your body.

Use complementary training methods

While trying to achieve two things, you need to ensure that you are using complementary training methods. It means your training methods are not fighting each other. You need to choose the right conditioning methods which you can use with a strength program and it is possible to do so with our making it complicated. You need to focus more on quality over quantity, which means focusing more on lifting heavy and explosively.

You can choose conditioning methods which also complement strength work. Use those methods like tempo intervals, sled dragging, GPP circuits, tempo lifting, explosive repeat, electric intervals and high-intensity continuous training.

Organise your training effectively

To get but the benefits of strength and conditioning, you need to organise your training effectively. It means you need to separate different types of training based on fitness level. The ordination of training will have a substantial impact on the results. When you combine different types of methods in the same workout or even in the same day, will impact how your body stores and uses energy or the like is an. It has an impact because it can influence the genetic signal as a result of the workout. The signal is what stimulates changes in fitness and so it's very important organise your training program the most effective way possible for you.

The organisation will completely depend on your fitness level.

Low fitness level-if you have a lower level of fitness, you can combine conditioning with the strength workout but you should do it at the end of the workout.

Moderate fitness level-if your fitness level is moderate, you need to separate conditioning into different workouts. You can do this the conditioning workout on the same day, but there should be a gap of 4 to 6 hours between the lifting session and the conditioning so that you have some time for recovery.

High fitness level-if you are at high fitness level, you need to separate conditioning work and do them on different days.


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