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Fiber- The Missing Link Between Nutrition And Good Health

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Fiber should be in our diet.

We sure have heard of several diet fads claiming to make you lose weight in as little as a few days after trying them. It does faze us for awhile but its time for us to know the facts.

Fiber is known for its tummy friendly benefits but little is known about its other potentials to improve health well-being. As little as 10 grams of fiber each days increases your life expectancy by 10% and some studies claim that fiber lowers all cause mortality by 15%.

Individuals who incorporated healthy fiber in their diet have an increased life expectancy in the next 9 years by 25%. Those fond of Mediterranean diet have an added benefit of greater resistance to inflammatory conditions brought about by the saturated fatty acids from digested organic fiber.

Fermentation of food by intestinal bacteria brings about the production of short chain fatty acids that decreases the individuals risk for diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disorders. Recent studies have also shown that these fatty acids contribute to strengthening the T cells thereby increasing their capacity to combat infection and hastens the oxidative function of the liver and the adipose tissue.

Elevated blood sugar levels in the circulation acts as a nidus to infections caused by yeast and can also cause sinus infections. Organic fiber and chia seeds can bring blood sugar levels to near normal to normal values by reducing hunger pangs most commonly observed in people with less fiber intake, lowers cholesterol levels thereby reducing cholesterol plaque formation and stroke risk.

Fiber in Mushrooms?

Recent studies focused on the benefits of mushrooms as a dietary fiber. Five types of mushrooms were evaluated for their fiber content in decreasing order namely Chantarelle, Maitake, Button, Oyster and Shitake. So, its time to look at mushrooms in another light other than being sat on by a leprechaun ei?

People have become more aware of the presence of carcinogens in our diet. It is best to do away from pesticide laden grains. These grains are thought to enhance our metabolism but the fact is since a substance called glyphosate is being used to eliminate the weeds, it is being considered as a likely carcinogen.

The fiber present in fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts are considered as organic fiber. Psyllium husk and sunflower sprouts are loaded up with all the essential amounts of fiber great to support regularization of abnormal bowel movement.

Loading up on these fiber sources makes one both fit and healthy at the same time. As the popular ad says, Have you had your fruit today? Go on and munch or even gobble up fibre rich food to a better life.

Written by: Dr. Christine Ena Carado