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THE OSSEUS OF THE MATTER: Minerals and Beyond

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Bones in Our Body

There are 206 bones in our body and each of these bones from the largest to the teeny weeny ones have their specific function, because if they don't then God must not have placed them there right?

In this fast-paced life, fast-food seems everyone's best friend. Imagine not having to wake up early to prepare breakfast, the kids lunch and after a long days work- dinner. Having a wide array of choices is just what we need to have a hearty meal but experts says otherwise. Frequent visits to the fast-food joints not only ups your sugar content but devoid of nutrients necessary for our childrens growing body. Needless to say, the food is an answer to their cravings but yet poses a risk of serious bone problems in the near future.

Many studies have already postulated the harmful effects of fast-food diet and that includes high cholesterol, increased risk of diabetes in both children and adults and coupled with the gradually increasing number of childhood obesity. A single meal from the fast food counter contains enough calories to complete your average daily requirement for caloric intake.

Bone Mineral Density  and Food

It is in this light that the University of Southampton Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit did a study on the bone mineral density and content in several children. These 2 parameters were measured at birth and repeated at 6 years of age and correlated with the number of fast-food joints in the vicinity and the results were not significant statistically compared to those children with neighborhood stores selling organic products who have higher bone mineral density.

The International Osteoporosis Foundation suggested that mothers should advocate and choose the appropriate food for their childrens consumption. For growing children, having an increased bone mineral density is essential to prevent bone breakage since at this age children tend to explore and be physically active.

Foods that can increase bone minerals include breakfast cereals, soy milk, yogurt, orange juice, cheese, sardines, broccoli. Vitamin D intake is also essential to absorb all the calcium taken in by diet. Lesser Vitamin D in the circulation can hasten bone loss and lead to multiple fractures during old age.

Though it will take several more studies to verify the link between easy access to fast food and decreased bone mineral density in children, it is still noteworthy that the environment or eating habits that the child is exposed to is essential to their overall health.

Written by: Dr. Christine Ena Carado