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Drink Up For Good Health: Surprising Benefits Of Red Wine

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In the past decade, alcohol consumption has become a growing habit that has influenced approximately half of adolescent and elderly population.

Our generation has been long aware that alcohol does not bring the body any good. Researchers have taken into consideration the health benefits that the right alcoholic drink when taken in moderation can give one's body innumerable benefits.

Recent studies focusing on the benefits of regulated consumption of alcohol containing beverages such as red and white wine were done among select diabetic individuals randomized control trials have yet to prove it. Diabetes has been shown to increase the risk of developing atherosclerosis by 5 fold than non-diabetic patients hence, to date the subject of many studies.

The Red Wine Study

Red and white wine given at moderate amounts (150ml) to diabetic individuals who agreed to participate in the study provided that they will not be operating or driving any machinery after intake were monitored for the improvement on their cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This study was conducted for a period of 2 years taking into consideration any additional medications and unexpected side effects the patient may experience while being enrolled in the study.

Participants are diagnosed diabetics who have well controlled blood sugar levels were divided into 2 groups on the results of ADH enzyme testing and labelled accordingly depending on the rate alcohol is being excreted from their system.

Among the 2 groups, those who excrete alcohol from their system slower were able to derive more benefit from intake of red wine having a more improved blood sugar control as compared to those participants who excrete alcohol faster from their body. Excellent sleep quality was reported from both groups.

Resveratrol found in grape peelings and subsequently present in red wine is said to be responsible for its effects in improving the ratio of cholesterol and lipoprotein levels and even when separately analyzed thereby backing up previous literatures showing that the health perks derived from red wine comes from its non-alcoholic components. Ethanol plays an important role in the metabolism of glucose by virtue of its interaction with the genetic makeup of the participants causing a beneficial effect in glucose levels.

Another study classified patients into three subgroups that will consume 5-ounce serving of either mineral water, white and red wine depending on the beverage assigned to them. Participants consume high amounts of fish, moderate intake of dairy products and little or none at all of meat and non-fish products through a 3 month period. Adherence and compliance to the program regimen were checked routinely together with their chemistry panels and imaging studies were also utilized to monitor any progression on the size of the cholesterol plaques.

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Written by: Dr. Christine Ena Carado