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10  ways to stop drinking

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1. Write it

If you want to stop drinking, write it down. You need to make a list of reasons why you want to stop drinking.  It may be anything, feeling better and healthier, a better relationship or anything else. When you write it down, it will motivate you to stop drinking.

2. Keep a diary

You need to keep a diary of your drinking. Just keep it for 3 to 4 weeks. When you drink, write about it in the diary. Put how much, what and when you drank. Once you do that, you can compare it with your goal of reducing drinking.

3. Decide a goal


Set yourself a drinking goal, to which you want to reduce your drinking. Initially, it may not be zero because completely stopping drinking may be very difficult for you. But you can definitely reduce the amount of drink you are having in a month or a week. Gradually reduce the drinking goal further until it becomes zero.

4. Drink slowly

When you’re drinking, try to drink slowly by sipping slowly. You can also reduce the intake by adding a glass of water, soda or juice in between drinking.

5. Don’t keep alcohol in your house

If you’re trying to stop drinking, never keep alcohol in your house. If you keep it in your house, the temptation may be very difficult to control and you do not want that.

6. Alcohol-free days

You need to make a few days of the week alcohol-free. On those days, you do not drink. It will not only reduce the amount of drinking but will also help you to control the urge to drink. It will also help you to find out how you feel both physically and emotionally when you stop drinking. It will get you ready for stop drinking completely.

7. Keep yourself busy

When you keep yourself so busy that you don’t have any time for anything such as drinking, it’ll be much easier to stop drinking. If you are very busy in your work and you do not have time to go out, then probably you will be very tired and won’t be having time to think about drinking. Since you also don’t have alcohol at home, it’ll be difficult for you to go out when you are busy and tired.

8. Avoid peer pressure

If you have friends, who drink heavily or frequently, then avoid them. Peer pressure is a very powerful pressure that will drag you down to the pit of drinking. It may be very difficult for you to resist them and so it is better to avoid them.

9. Guard your temptations

There will be temptations and to stop drinking completely you will need to guard yourself against those temptations. Avoid people and places that tempt you to drink. You also need to watch your feelings because  you probably drink more when you are sad, angry, worried, tired or tensed. You need to find an alternative for situations when such emotions arise. You need to find new and healthy ways to cope with such situations and more especially with stress.

10. Ask for support

If you’re trying to stop drinking, you will likely to need support from other people. There is no problem in asking for support. Your friends, family, spouse and other relatives can help you by supporting you in your fight to stop drinking. You can also find support in a local community or group, where people are trying to help each other to stop drinking.



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