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How Weekend Drinking Affects Health

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Weekend Drinking

Many people out there erroneously believe that being a weekend warrior hat drinks only on the weekends cannot possibly be as bad on overall health than drinking only on the weekends. But research has shown that binge drinking, which has become increasingly more popular worldwide, may be more harmful than many know. For those out there that consider themselves weekend drinkers, it is important to remember that even drinking solely on the weekends can have ill effects on the body, in various ways. If you suffer from anything from a hangover to insomnia or even longer term effects like liver disease, there are some things everyone should keep in mind the next time they go out for a weekend of excessive drinking. These effects include both the mental and the physical.

Liquor and Its Effects on the Body

Insomnia and alcohol are just a few of the physical effects that coincide with consuming inordinate amounts of alcohol over the course of a weekend. Many people believe that drinking coffee for a hangover will alleviate the symptoms, but in fact, this is even more detrimental as alcohol is officially recognized as a poison and can have severe consequences when used to excess. The human body can process only about a unit per hour of alcohol, so weekend drinkers should try to compensate for this by allocating water in between drinks, as the body can shut down and stop functioning properly from too much alcohol. Many people who drink too much during the weekend will experience a significant retardation of their brain functions, an irritable stomach, dehydration, lower body temperature, and more. Behavioral problems that can arise from alcohol abuse can be just as harmful and include passing out, vehicular accidents, loss of valuables, and income loss related to employment. These are all problems to consider when drinking excessively.

How Detrimental Is Weekend Binge Drinking to Health

Many people assume they are aware of many of the potential problems associated with excessive binge drinking, but in fact, there are many more out there that can lead to long-term problems related to vital organs. Weekend drinking can lead to such physical defects as heart problems, sexual problems, neurological problems, and sexual problems like male impotency or fertility issues. Many people who drink excessively over a long period of time are also susceptible to depression and relationship problems as mood is more often affected based on alcohol dependence. Concentration can also be impaired over time as it has been shown to compromise motor skills, speech, judgment, and balance. There is also the risk of cancers like liver disease and increased risk of stroke. For women that drink more than the allotted amounts, there is an increased likelihood of the fetus developing fetal alcohol syndrome.

The Difference Between Binge Drinking and Drinking Everyday

Depending on how often you binge drink and how much you consume are the biggest factors in determining how detrimental binge drinking may be for an individual. Although drinking daily can have more adverse affects than drinking solely on the weekend, if a person binge drinks more often, they can still experience the same symptoms and problems that long-term daily drinkers exhibit like cirrhosis of the liver, high blood pressure, pancreatitis, and heart disease.

The Short Term Effects of Binge Drinking

Many people who drink are familiar with the very well-known tell-tale signs of binge drinking: vomiting, memory loss, upset stomach, hangover, and headaches. There are also those that have physical accidents from over-drinking like falling and car accidents. Drinking too much can affect your heart as well as coordination. In extreme cases, excessive drinking can cause vomiting and choking on your own vomit. Even worse is hat alcohol poisoning can lead to death in a small number of cases.

The Long Term Effects of Binge Drinking

The long-term effects of drinking too much on the weekend can be adverse as well as sometimes, irreversible. Many people can become psychologically or physically dependent on consuming alcohol and are much more likely to suffer from brain or liver damage. Although there are many studies that show drinking limited amounts of red wine a day can be beneficial to overall health, drinking too much can cause irreversible liver damage.