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Things that happen when you stop drinking alcohol

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When you stop drinking alcohol, several things happened in both short and long-term. There are many benefits that you will see when you stop drinking alcohol. Let's find out what happens to you when you completely stop drinking.

You will sleep better

You will be able to sleep more soundly when you stop drinking alcohol. Researchers found that when you drink before bed, alcohol increases alpha wave patterns in your brain. These patterns are generally seen when you are resting but awake. It means disrupted sleep for you. Alcohol also destroys your sleep quality even though initially it may help you to fall asleep. When you give up alcohol, you will be getting a better sleep and you will wake up more refreshed and sharp. When you have the better sleep the previous night, it will improve your mood, mental performance and concentration.

You may crave sugar

When you stop drinking alcohol, your sugar craving may go up. It happens because sugar offers an enjoyment and rush similar to alcohol. Sugar can boost the levels of dopamine, which is known as the reward chemical. When you eat sugar, because of dopamine, you feel pleasure. Alcohol works in the same way. That's why, when you give of alcohol, your sugar cravings may go up. You will need to take a look at that and ensure that you are not eating more sugar than you need to because that can also lead to some other problems including diabetes and obesity.

You will have a better skin

Once you stop drinking alcohol, your skin will clear up. Your skin will look more hydrated and you will feel better about it. Alcohol works as a diuretic and so you need to pee more. It happens because alcohol can suppress production of and antidiuretic hormone in the body. Because of this hormone, your body can absorb water. When your body does not produce the antidiuretic hormone, your body will be able to absorb less water and you will have a dry looking skin. It will also help you to get rid of other skin problems like dandruff, rosacea and eczema.

You will eat less

When you stop drinking alcohol, you will start eating less at dinner. Eating less has many benefits because it will save you from several health problems and will also ensure that you are in good shape. Overeating will lead to obesity and other physical form problems. It will also cause many medical conditions such as heart problems, diabetes and muscoskeletal problems. Alcohol makes you overeat. You may eat 30% more food when you are drinking alcohol. When you drink alcohol, it increases your brain activity in the hypothalamus and as a result you become more sensitive to the smell of food which results in you eating more than a should.

You will start losing weight

Once you stop drinking alcohol, you will start losing some weight. That's a good news for you if you are already overweight. Alcohol adds good levels of calories to your body without even you knowing about it. A simple drink and at 300 calories to your body. When you cut down those extra calories by avoiding alcohol completely, you are reducing the total calorie entering in your body. That will help you to create a calorie deficiency and reduce your weight and lose the extra fat present in your body. Just do not replace the extra calories with something sweet and sugary and you should be able to lose some weight immediately after you stop drinking alcohol.

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