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How to drink less

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If you have a habit of drinking too much, you probably already know how bad and dangerous it is for you. It will not only destroy your physical and mental health but will also cause different social and relationship problems. Probably you have already tried to reduce the number of drinks you have but sometimes it can be difficult. Let’s find out how you can drink less alcohol.

Don’t rely solely on willpower

If you are relying on willpower only to reduce your drinking, you may not be successful. The environment is incredibly powerful for modifying behavior. Willpower is necessary but using willpower is only half the story. You will also need to modify your environment. Is that is why when you’re trying to cut back on drinking, you will need to avoid situations like parties or night outs with friends so that he can stay away from temptations as much is possible. If you’re eating at home, it’ll be much easier for you to control the amount of alcohol you’re drinking and serving to others. Maybe you’ll be able to completely eliminate drinks from your dinner.

Visualization is very powerful

Visualization is very powerful and it can help you to get rid of your drinking problem. It may take some time but so strong that it can help you to modify your behavior. Just before the event, you can visualize yourself acting in the way you would prefer to behave and that will help you to stay sober and avoid alcohol or at least to reduce the number of drinks you have. Imagining yourself not having any drinks at all or not going beyond your appropriate limit will definitely help you to actually do so when the situation arises. If you can picture the desired behavior, your mind will help you to make it a reality for yourself and that will make it much easier to drink less or not at all.

Have no booze drinks instead

If you want to reduce number of drinks you have or you want to eliminate your drinking habit completely, you will go for a few nights per week without alcohol. Instead of alcohol, you can go for any other types of drinks and beverages and even water. There are many non-alcoholic drinks which are healthy and good for your overall well-being and they are also delicious. You can try some of them. There are different tonics available. You don’t even have to go for expensive distillates to go for a booze free fun. Tea is particularly versatile and you will find so many different types of varieties easily available. Ice teas, kombucha, fee-based syrups mixed with sparkling water and fresh citrus. It is also possible to make search drinks at home as you will find different types of recipes available which use ingredients easily available at home. If you like mocktails, you can go for mocktails to ensure that you are not drinking more alcohol in any form or at any event.

Alcohol free days

You can designate a few days of the week as alcohol free days. You can start small by designating two or three days in a week initially and then gradually increasing the number of days and try to achieve as many as alcohol free days possible for you in a week.

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